How to Properly Clean Carpet

The first step in carpet cleaning is to prepare the carpet for the process. You can make this process easier by using a spray bottle filled with cold water. Alternatively, you can use a scrubbing brush. The brush will help you work the baking soda into the carpet fibers, and will also help you remove dirt and soil. Wiz Team

Dirt and dust on floors is not visible to the naked eye, but it can easily be tracked inside the carpet fibers. This dirt and dust may include hair, skin, bacteria, and soil. Over time, these particles can become trapped in the pile, making it look clean at first glance. For this reason, carpets must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure their optimum condition.

It is also important to ensure that you are careful with stains and spills. Spot cleaning is a great way to keep stains at bay. If you’ve spilled something on the carpet, blot it with a clean cloth and a cleaning solution. If the stain is stubborn, you can use a carpet stain remover to get rid of it.

Regular carpet cleaning can be an ongoing task, but it’s always best to have it professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Professional cleaners not only have the experience and expertise to clean the carpet, but they also have insurance that covers them in case of damage. If you hire someone who is not insured, you may end up paying for the replacement of the carpet.

Before the cleaning process can begin, the carpet must be preconditioned with a special solution. Once this solution has been sprayed on the carpet, an agitating brush helps remove the alkaline particles. This process is followed by a rinse cycle using clean water. Once the carpet is completely rinsed, the acetic acid solution is used to neutralize any leftover alkaline residue.

Professional carpet cleaning requires careful attention to detail. It is a laborious process, requiring every square inch of carpet to be scrubbed, sprayed, and rinsed. Professional equipment can remove the most stubborn dirt and grime from deep within the fibres. It also extracts water and solvents efficiently. Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning methods are more likely to leave a residue that traps dirt particles.

Before the cleaning can begin, it’s important to assess the damage to the carpet. Some stains may need to be repaired, which will add to the cost. Depending on the size and severity, removing an obvious tear or rip can cost anywhere from $100 to $250. If you have a large stain caused by pets, it may be more expensive because the stain has sunk deeper into the pile. Plush and Saxony cut carpeting also take longer to dry than other types.

Commercial carpet cleaning uses specially designed cleaning equipment. These machines can provide higher temperatures and pressure to penetrate the carpet pile. Truck-mounted equipment is most effective in this process, because it is powered by the truck engine, not home electricity. In addition to this, it is important to saturate the carpet with a conditioner before cleaning. The conditioner helps the hot water extraction wand work better.

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