How to Properly Clean Area Rugs

If you have a pet, there are some things you can do to eliminate the smell. Using a mixture of equal parts of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can help dissolve stains. It will also cause minimal damage to machine-made rugs. If you’re not sure whether a cleaner will work, test it on a small patch first. If the odor persists, take the rug to a professional cleaner. Alternatively, you can use a soft-bristled brush to apply the cleaner. oriental rug cleaning near me

A professional cleaning service will use a solution that is specifically formulated for a specific type of fiber. They also use plant-based products that are effective at cleaning. These cleaning solutions contain enzymes and are made from various plants. Some have great scents, too. A carpet cleaner will clean the fibers and remove allergens from the carpet, which is an added bonus. And the best part is that you won’t have to worry about your carpet becoming ruined from chemical cleaners.

While spot cleaning is relatively easy, it can take a long time. Even if you’re just cleaning a spot, it will take about 15 minutes to an hour. However, the bulk of the time spent is waiting for the rug to dry. The drying process may take several hours to a day, depending on the severity of the stains. To expedite the drying process, try to use a fan or cool blow dryer. The water runoff should be crystal clear.

When you choose a professional rug cleaner, you’ll be happy that the company is certified by the IICRC. Their certified technicians are highly experienced in dealing with area rugs. They also provide free estimates. You can even ask them to clean your rug if it’s a delicate material. Most professional cleaners charge a fee, so it’s worth the extra money. It’s a great way to ensure that your rugs stay in good condition.

There are many ways to clean area rugs. Carpet cleaning equipment uses steam to remove dirt, while dry or chemical treatments are used for delicate materials. In addition to these methods, you can try spot cleaning. You can also use a special cleaning pool to clean area rugs. This process allows for superior cleaning and can remove contaminants like urine. The process is simple, but you should contact a professional rug cleaner for assistance. The best way to clean a rug is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning it.

When cleaning a rug, you should always check if it’s made of synthetic materials or natural fiber. Using a dry cleaner can ruin a handwoven or natural fiber rug. Instead, use a rug cleaner specialized in area rugs. The cost of an average 9 x 12 foot rug cleaning will be between $80 and $865. The actual cost will depend on the material and style of the rug. For this reason, it’s essential to find a professional who specializes in rug cleaning.

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