How to Properly Clean and Restore an Oriental Rug

A professional oriental rug cleaner will know how to properly clean and restore the luster and color of your rug. These rugs are handcrafted and delicate, and they require special attention. During the cleaning process, it is important to avoid over-vacuuming. Rather, vacuum your rug only enough to remove dirt and debris. This helps keep the rug looking fresh for longer and will prevent stains. airduct cleaning near me

Cleaning your oriental rug can ensure that it will stay in top shape for many years to come. Regular cleaning will remove soil, allergens, and infestations. It is best to get professional cleaning every four to five years. Regardless of whether it is a new or old rug, proper care will help it remain beautiful for years to come.

Taking care of stains caused by pets is essential, as it can ruin your rug’s beauty. Pets, for example, tend to pick odd spots in the house for peeing, so it is important to protect your oriental rug from spills. It is also important to clean up spills as soon as they happen.

Heat can ruin wool and silk rugs. The incorrect temperature can cause the fibers to twist and shrink. In addition, heat can cause the colors to bleed. Professional Oriental rug cleaners avoid using heat during the cleaning process. Instead, they use pH-corrected water and cold water to cleanse your rugs. They also create a unique bath for each rug they clean.

Oriental rugs can be cleaned using carpet cleaners, but the acid in these cleaners can damage the fibers. An acid of 5.5 ph or lower is recommended for silk or wool rugs. This method is recommended only for lightly soiled rugs, as it cannot remove deeply ingrained messes.

Cleaning and restoring your oriental area rug is a vital part of maintaining its beauty. Depending on the level of traffic in your home, you should have the rug cleaned at least twice a year. In addition, you should rotate it once or twice every year. You can also protect your rug by using quality rugs pads. They are available for both carpet and hardwood floors.

There are different types of stains that can damage the appearance of your rugs. Some stains are particularly unsightly, like dog urine or greasy food. In these cases, you can use a solution of white vinegar and warm water. In addition to this, you can also use pH-neutral detergent to remove greasy spills.

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