How to Properly Clean an Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs are made from natural fibers such as wool, cotton, or silk, so they require special attention during the cleaning process. To protect them, highly trained technicians use modern equipment and specially-formulated cleaning agents. In addition, they avoid damage by vacuuming them without using beaters or bristles. For stubborn stains, they should be cleaned using a solution of baking soda and vinegar. Allow the mixture to sit for an hour before vacuuming. carpet cleaning near me

Regular cleaning is a great way to prolong the life of your rug. It prevents stains from forming, and it can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in cleaning costs. Moreover, it can preserve the color and feel of your rug. Professional rug cleaners use methods that preserve the integrity of your rug, so it will retain its look for a long time. They inspect both the front and back surface, and will provide you with a detailed report of the condition of your rug.

Occasionally, you might encounter unpleasant stains on your rug. A urine stain can be very difficult to remove because it has a base. In addition to that, it also causes the dyes in your rug to run. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to get rid of urine stains. First, you should try to absorb the urine using a wet paper towel or a cloth towel. If necessary, you can use a weighted object to increase the absorption rate. Always make sure that the cloth is damp but not overly wet.

Secondly, you should clean your rugs regularly. Most rugs trap dirt from daily walking through and need occasional cleaning. Using a wet/dry vacuum is another way to remove dirt. But be sure not to use a wet vacuum too often because this can loosen the fibers. Once every two weeks is a good frequency.

If you want to clean your rug yourself, you can follow the old-fashioned method, but you should avoid using harsh chemicals. For wool rugs, you can use cool water and a neutral pH liquid cleaner. Never use bleach or harsh chemicals. You may damage the wool and silk fibers. It is also best to clean the rug thoroughly in a warm place without too much moisture.

When you clean your oriental rug regularly, it will maintain its beauty and appearance for a long time. While you may think that it is enough to vacuum it once or twice a year, it is important to vacuum it thoroughly. If not, it can become extremely gross. However, regular cleaning can help prevent this from happening.

Generally, Oriental rugs are expensive. You should consider getting professional help for cleaning if you don’t feel comfortable cleaning your rug yourself. A professional cleaner will be able to give the best possible care to your rugs. The cost of oriental rug cleaning will depend on the size and type of your rug.

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