How to Properly Clean an Oriental Rug

Professional oriental rug cleaning requires special techniques. Firstly, Oriental rugs must be thoroughly vacuumed, and then badgered to remove the ingrained dust and dirt. Next, the rugs are hand-washed using gentle brushes and cold water. They are then dried in a drying room. It is important to avoid over-stripping the washing machine, as it could damage the delicate rugs. oriental rug cleaning

After washing, a carpet shampoo that is acidic will help remove stains and is gentle on Oriental rugs. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a specialized attachment. When vacuuming oriental rugs, make sure to work in the direction of the fibres, as the fringing can easily catch in the nozzle.

Regular cleaning is crucial for oriental rugs, as they are handmade and require expert attention. Proper care can keep the rugs looking new for longer. Avoid over-vacuuming them, but make sure you do the right amount of vacuuming, which will prevent the stains from setting in. Once a week or every other week, deep cleaning may be needed.

Regular cleaning will not only remove stains, but will also help protect the rug’s natural fibers. It’s a good idea to have your oriental rugs professionally cleaned every four or five years. You can even use acid-based cleaners, but this should only be done on a limited basis.

Some stains are unsightly, especially dog urine and greasy foods. To remove the stain, you can use a white vinegar and warm water solution or a pH-neutral detergent solution. Often, a wet cloth can help absorb the stain, but make sure it isn’t overly wet.

Vacuuming is a great way to remove surface dirt, but it won’t clean the deep-seated dirt in the rug. Airborne dust and dirt tracked into the room on your shoes can also eat away at the fibers. Professional oriental rug cleaning can remove these allergens and bring back the beauty of the rug.

Professional Oriental rug cleaning can help maintain the integrity of your rug’s beauty, while ensuring that it lasts for many years. Professional oriental rug cleaning experts are trained to use specialized tools and equipment to properly clean your rugs. They also use a gentle cleaning method to preserve the dyes in the fibers. This prevents any discoloration or fading of the dyes in the rug.