How to Properly Clean an Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs are delicate, so cleaning them properly is important. You can use a hose in your driveway to rinse them, or you can use a vacuum attachment to clean them thoroughly. Regardless of the method, you should always work in the direction of the rug’s fibers. Avoid sweeping back and forth across the rug; it will damage the fibers. Instead, sweep in the direction of the nap, to loosen dirt from between strands. carpet cleaning near me

When cleaning oriental rugs, you must be careful not to saturate the rug with chemical solutions that could cause bleeding of colors or fraying of delicate fibers. Also, you should avoid over-vacuuming them. Nevertheless, vacuuming them regularly can help them look fresher longer and prevent stains from setting in.

For machine-woven Oriental rugs, you can use white vinegar solution to clean them. Afterwards, sprinkle the fringe with talcum powder to get rid of the smell. However, it’s best to leave hand-woven Oriental rugs to professional cleaners, who are trained to work with such delicate materials.

Unlike other types of rugs, an oriental rug requires less scrubbing than a regular rug. This means it can last for generations. While you shouldn’t clean an oriental rug more frequently than every four to five years, you should consider cleaning it a few times a year. By following these tips, you can ensure that your rug remains clean for many years to come.

One common problem that can cause a carpet to become stained is pet urine. The resulting stain is unsightly and may be difficult to cover with a carpet cleaner. However, a white vinegar solution and warm water mixture will help to get rid of the stains. The combination will also help to remove greasy spills as well.

A professional rug cleaner uses a special formula to clean rugs. The cleaner will drench the rug in a mixture of water and soap. Depending on the type of rug, the cleaner will need to let it soak for some time. The cleaner will then dry the rug. The cost of cleaning an Oriental rug varies according to its size and type.

After cleaning your rugs with detergent and water, you can apply a squeegee to remove dirt and soap residue. Afterwards, you can rinse them with light water. Be careful not to over-saturate your rugs because it will make the drying process more difficult. You can also lay absorbent fabrics on the rugs to remove excess moisture.