How to Properly Clean an Oriental Rug

Oriental rug cleaning is not only about cleaning dust and dirt, but it is also an important part of maintaining the rug’s natural fibers and structure. Regular cleaning can help keep the rug looking new for years. Experts recommend that rugs should be professionally cleaned at least once every four to five years. However, this frequency depends on the level of soiling and allergens in your home. rug cleaners near me

During oriental rug cleaning, it is important to avoid rubbing the rug too hard, as it may damage its fringe and the wool content. For this reason, it is best to leave it to a professional cleaner. However, if you must clean your rug at home, you can use a simple vinegar and baking soda solution to tackle stubborn stains. The mixture should be allowed to sit for an hour before you vacuum it.

It is important to follow the specific cleaning instructions for each type of oriental rug. Usually, these instructions include the correct heat levels and chemicals. It is also important to protect the rug from spills and stains. To protect the rug from damage, try not to let pets on it, and wash it immediately if a spill occurs.

Another option for cleaning an oriental rug is dry cleaning. However, this option is not suitable for rugs that are very heavily soiled or have complicated patterns and colors. A professional rug cleaner will be able to dry-clean the rug with the appropriate methods and detergents. The process is also known as dry soil removal or solid cleaning. The only drawback of dry cleaning is that it will only work for a slightly soiled rug and will not remove deeply ingrained messes.

Rugs made of silk or other exotic materials can be damaged by being over-dried. The right technique of cleaning an Oriental rug will help preserve its color and life span, and prevent costly repairs down the road. Professional rug cleaners use methods that ensure the integrity of the rug and help restore the original look and feel. These professionals also inspect the front and back surfaces.

In addition to proper cleaning techniques, Oriental rugs should be cleaned regularly for better appearance. They should be vacuumed once or twice a year to keep dirt and stains at bay. However, do not over-vacuum your rugs. Vacuuming regularly can make your rugs look newer for longer and keep them free of stains.

Urine stains are particularly bad for rugs. They cause the dyes to run. In order to remove a urine stain, you should first absorb the urine by soaking it in paper towels or cloth towels. If necessary, you can even add weight to the cloth to absorb more urine. The cloth should be wet, but not too wet.

When cleaning rugs, it is important to be careful not to over-clean them because they can damage the fibers. Regular vacuuming helps to remove surface dirt, but does not remove dirt embedded in the rug’s backing. Moreover, airborne dust and dirt tracked in on shoes and paws can also eat away at the fibers. To prevent this, it is essential to clean rugs professionally.