How to Properly Clean an Oriental Rug

Although oriental rugs are among the most sought after types of carpets, they can be a mess if not cared for properly. Pets can damage rugs and are especially bad at picking the wrong places to pee and scratch them. To avoid this, you should keep your pets away from your oriental rug and clean up any spills as soon as possible. If your pet does get on your rug, however, you need to be more proactive and regularly clean it. oriental rug cleaners

Urine stains on Oriental rugs can be extremely difficult to remove. Since urine contains a base that causes dyes to run, it is best to absorb it before attempting to clean the stain. To do this, use a cloth towel or paper towel wet with water. You can also use a weighted object to increase the absorption process. If this method fails, you should rinse the stained area with clear water after a few minutes.

Water-based cleaners should be avoided if possible. They can cause bleeding and are ineffective in removing pet odor. Pet urine crystals are buried deep in Oriental rugs and will not be removed by surface cleaning. Therefore, cleaning through the fibers is essential in removing pet odor. However, this method can leave a rug with a slight smell and can even damage its fibers. So, it is best to opt for a dry, sanitized, and well-ventilated environment.

Using a neutral pH liquid cleaner to clean woolen rugs will leave a residue. Since this product is not acidic, it is unlikely to remove stains completely. Using a natural pH liquid cleaner is best for these types of rugs. Using an acid based cleaner will also give you the best results. The pH level of the cleaning solution should be around 5.5. You should also keep in mind the type of material that your rug is made of. This is because woolen rugs have a natural pH and are therefore less likely to be damaged by chemical products.

While a professional cleaning service may not be necessary for the most delicate of rugs, it can help prevent further damage to your rugs. For example, a specialized cleaning service can clean your Oriental rugs effectively. The process usually takes two hours and takes several days. Depending on the type of fabric, other factors may impact the price. The prices of professional Oriental rug cleaning services range from $1.25 per square foot to $8 for a full project.

Unlike home vacuums, professional cleaners can reach deep into the fibers of a rug to remove dirt and other particulates. Professional rug cleaning requires the use of specialized equipment and tools. Some technicians even use underwater air pressure to clean rugs. They also make sure that all employees have passed background checks before hiring them. When it comes to hand-washing your rug, it’s best to hire someone who is experienced in this type of cleaning.