How to Properly Clean an Oriental Rug

When vacuuming an Oriental rug, make sure to vacuum both sides thoroughly. Use a vacuum attachment made for low-pile carpets to avoid getting the rug’s fringe tangled. Clean any dirt and grime immediately after vacuuming. Vacuuming once every two weeks is an appropriate frequency for an Oriental rug. To clean a Persian or Oriental rug, use the same cleaning method as for flat-weave rugs. oriental rug cleaning

First, rinse the rugs thoroughly. Do not use soap or harsh chemicals. Instead, use a paper towel to absorb the liquid and prevent it from spreading. Paper towels also protect the rug’s backing from further damage. If the stains are not completely removed, hire an Oriental rug cleaning specialist. Do not comb the fringes as this could damage the fibers. Shaking the rug vigorously will help straighten the fringes. Always follow these tips when cleaning an Oriental rug.

To clean an oriental rug, first, identify the cause of the odor. A musty odor will require a thorough cleaning, so do not rub baking soda into the fibers. If you suspect a spill, use a mild cleaning solution. A solution of vinegar and water is an excellent acidic cleaner. Be sure to rinse thoroughly afterward. Once the rugs are thoroughly cleaned, you can enjoy your oriental rugs for generations to come.

You should also take care of your oriental rug by keeping it out of reach of pets. Pets like to scratch the rugs, and some of them choose the most awkward places to do their business. Make sure your rug is kept away from these pets and treat any spills as soon as they occur. If you do have pets, be sure to train them to avoid peeing or pooping on the rugs. It is always best to clean a rug every couple of years so that the colors remain vibrant.

When it comes to rug cleaning, a professional company should use the proper equipment and methods to clean your area rugs. Using a vacuum can damage your rug. For oriental rugs, a professional cleaning service should use a vacuum that is designed to remove water. Some shops will hang your rugs in drying rooms with limited humidity or too much heat. Since oriental rugs are delicate, you should trust your rug’s cleaning process to someone who is well trained and experienced in this field.

A paper towel dipped in cold water and rug shampoo will clean stains without damaging the material. If a commercial cleaning solution is not available, you can use a homemade solution that contains 1/4 cup dishwashing detergent, two cups of lukewarm water, and one tablespoon of white vinegar. You can also use a warm hair dryer to help the rug dry quickly. It is best to avoid sponging, as this can cause the fibers to pull out of the rug.

A professional cleaning service will provide a deep clean for your Oriental rug, and the rug will dry in several days. An average oriental rug cleaning can take as long as two hours. Professional rug cleaners can also perform a thorough cleaning, which can be dangerous to your rugs. The price for a cleaning service varies, but most companies charge $1.25 to $8 per square foot, or $50 to $300 for a full project. A quality cleaning service is well worth the money spent.

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