How to Properly Clean an Oriental Rug

There are many reasons for undergoing regular oriental rug cleaning, from avoiding stains to maintaining the color and structure of your rugs. Not only will regular cleaning keep your rugs in top condition, but it will also prevent them from becoming a financial burden. Professional cleaners employ techniques to preserve the integrity of your rugs, ensuring that they will restore them to their former glory. The process involves examining both the front and back surfaces of the rugs and informing you about their condition before completing the cleaning. carpet cleaning near me

If you have pets, you may want to consider a natural method for oriental rug cleaning. It is possible to use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to remove stubborn stains. Be sure to allow the mixture to sit for at least an hour before vacuuming it. For even better results, apply the mixture to a stain to ensure the most thorough removal. Cleaning with vinegar alone will only remove surface stains. The best way to remove pet odors is to clean through the fibers.

Whether your oriental rug is a family heirloom or a bargain from a swap meet, you must take care of it. Most of these rugs are handmade, so the older your carpet is, the more delicate it is. Whether it is made of silk, wool, or cotton, it is important to choose the right cleaning method for it. Use a mild solution of vinegar and water to clean your rug, which will ensure that its design remains intact and doesn’t lose its original appearance. Once it’s dry, place it in a warm, but not humid area.

You should clean your oriental rug at least once a year, but you should also have it cleaned twice a year if it sees high traffic. This will prevent it from wearing down quickly and will keep it looking newer longer. While regular oriental rug cleaning won’t cost you much money, it can preserve your rugs and keep them in good condition. In fact, you should have them cleaned professionally every four to five years to ensure their continued beauty.

If you’re not comfortable handling your own rugs, it’s best to have them professionally cleaned by a professional cleaner. While professional carpet cleaning is an option, it can be expensive, and it’s important to remember that your rug is delicate and should be handled only by experts. Professional cleaners have the right tools and products to safely clean your rugs. A professional oriental rug cleaning company can clean your rugs for as little as $.49 per square foot. The cost may vary depending on the quality of your rug and the type of cleaning you’re requiring.

Professional rug cleaners have secrets to keep your rugs clean. Most people assume that acidic is bad, but this is not the case. The right acidic cleaner for your oriental rug can be a 5.5 ph solution. A carpet cleaner that’s alkaline will ruin your rug. For silk or wool rugs, however, you can trust a professional cleaner to handle the process of filtering. A good cleaning service will be able to provide you with all the information you need to clean your rugs properly.