How to Properly Clean an Oriental Rug

Pet owners don’t have to sacrifice their oriental rugs. Pets are known for scratching them and sometimes they even choose odd places to pee. If you own a pet, you should keep the rug out of reach from your pet’s paws and treat spills immediately. You should also get regular deep cleanings done by a professional carpet cleaner. You should also consider having your pet potty-trained. However, you shouldn’t just throw out your pet’s old rugs. oriental rug cleaning

For cleaning Oriental rugs, you should vacuum them on both sides. Make sure to use a vacuum attachment designed for low pile carpets. Then, you can use white vinegar or a similar solution to remove debris. If you’re worried about damaging the fringe, you can also use a natural detergent solution to remove the dirt and residue. Once this step is done, you can hang your rug in a warm place to dry. However, you should avoid leaving them in direct sunlight for a while.

While professional rug cleaners will use a secret recipe for cleaning Oriental rugs, it is important to remember that some rugs may need more than one treatment. Enzyme cleaners may cause the rug to bleed and they might not remove the pet odor. Since pet urine crystals are buried deep in the fibers of Oriental rugs, they can only be removed by cleaning them through the fibers. However, the cleaning process for these rugs is not for everyone.

Once your oriental rug has been cleaned, you should vacuum it every once in a while to keep it clean. You should avoid using an overly aggressive vacuuming technique since it can loosen the fibers. Once in two weeks is a sufficient frequency for Oriental rug cleaning. You can even use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to prevent spills and dirt from setting in. A rug that has been neglected for a long time may require a deep cleaning.

It is important to remember that oriental rugs are made from delicate fibres that can be damaged by harsh cleaning methods. It takes two hours to clean an oriental rug and a few days to dry. However, you can always hire a professional oriental rug cleaner to do a deeper cleaning job. Depending on the type of Oriental rug, you can expect to pay $1.25 to $8 per square foot or more for a full cleaning project.

Whether you’re looking for a steam cleaner or a dry-cleaning specialist, there are many companies offering these services in the Albany area. Many of these companies also offer rug restoration services and storage services. If you’re planning to have your oriental rug cleaned, consider calling Jafri Oriental Rugs in Albany for professional cleaning and restoration services. Their dedicated team of experts has years of experience in the area and offers superior results.

While professional rug cleaners can clean your oriental rug for you, it can be expensive and you can do it yourself by following some basic guidelines. First, be sure to choose the right cleaner for your rug type. Make sure to use the right type of fluids and filtering method. By following these tips, you can effectively clean your oriental rug at home without damaging its beauty. This way, you can save money on professional rug cleaning and still enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful rug in your home.

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