How to Properly Clean an Oriental Rug

The proper Oriental rug cleaning process is essential to preserve the beauty of a handmade rug. Regular vacuuming cannot remove deep-seated dirt. Professional cleaning is essential, particularly if you plan to store your rugs for a long time. Professional rug cleaners will know how to minimize the chances of moth damage. A trustworthy oriental rug cleaning service should be able to clean these rugs for a competitive price. You can find local Oriental rug cleaners with the help of HomeAdvisor. rug cleaning

To clean an Oriental carpet, you must be aware of its cleaning instructions. It should be cleaned according to its specific heat, chemicals, and drying instructions. In addition, you must protect your rug from spills and pet urine. Do not rub your rug as this may cause further damage and spread the stain further. In case of a spill, call an Oriental rug cleaner as soon as possible. Taking the rug to an oriental rug cleaner can help restore its beauty and protect your investment.

Professional oriental rug cleaners use secret recipes to remove dirt from rugs. Depending on the type of rug, they may need to soak the rug for some time before washing it. Oriental rugs are made from silk and wool fibers, and a pH-neutral cleaner is recommended. However, this method can be time-consuming and damaging. So, make sure to choose the best oriental rug cleaners for your needs. They will also take care of any fringe that has become damaged.

When cleaning an oriental rug, be sure to use the correct type of cleaning chemicals. Avoid using household chemicals because they could damage your rugs. Instead, use a specially designed oriental rug cleaning solution made for wool rugs. These products are specially formulated to avoid color bleeding and fraying. However, if you have any doubts about the quality of the cleaning solutions, it is best to consult an oriental rug cleaner. The professionals at Agara offer the best rug cleaning services in Singapore.

If you want your oriental rug to look good for a long time, it is crucial to get it professionally cleaned every couple of years. Even if you use a pH-neutral cleaner, it will damage the rugs’ structure, and therefore may need professional cleaning every four to five years. To prevent future damages to your rugs, it is advisable to take them to an oriental rug cleaner every four to five years. These cleaning services offer the best solutions and guarantee you a gorgeous rug for years to come.

Cleaning an Oriental rug is more complicated than cleaning a rug at home. You must have the right knowledge and equipment to ensure the utmost care for your rug. A deep clean is required, and you must be aware that cleaning oriental rugs yourself can cause significant damage. Professional Oriental rug cleaners can perform this task more effectively than you can and will charge you around $1.25 to $8 per square foot or more for a full project.

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