How to Properly Clean an Oriental Rug

There are several factors that must be taken into account when cleaning an oriental rug. Long-term exposure to standing water can damage the fibers and cause the colors to fade. If you store your oriental rug in a storage unit for long periods of time, it may not smell very pleasant. Fortunately, there are several methods that can help you prevent this damage and keep your rug looking fresh. airduct cleaning

First, it is important to vacuum the rug thoroughly. While vacuuming, try to avoid using beaters or bristles, as they may damage the delicate threads. Next, do not use an alkaline cleaner on your oriental rug because it will damage the wool and silk fibers. Instead, use an acidic cleaner, such as white vinegar.

After thoroughly vacuuming, you should gently clean the rug using a gentle solution. This will remove any loose dirt without damaging the fibers. If you use a mild solution, you can clean your oriental rug every other week. However, if you have pets or children, a deeper cleaning may be needed yearly. Always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to avoid damaging your oriental rug. You should also consider the age of your oriental rug. Some older pieces were handmade.

For delicate areas, like fringe, it is best to hire a professional cleaner. A vinegar solution can remove stubborn stains and dirt. A vinegar and water solution is an excellent alternative to detergent cleaners. It will also lift loose dirt. When you are finished, let your rug dry in a warm, but not too humid area.

It is important to avoid using vacuum cleaners on your area rug. While vacuuming will help remove dirt and dust, it will not prevent stains from setting in. If you want to keep your oriental rug looking as good as new, you should avoid using a vacuum cleaner too often. If you do vacuum your rug, you should avoid over-scrubbing it.

Dry cleaning is another option for cleaning your oriental rug. Some rugs are more difficult to clean because of their intricate details or colors. Fortunately, a professional cleaner will know how to clean these rugs without damaging them. This technique is also known as solid cleaning or dry soil removal. However, it is important to remember that dry cleaning is only effective for lightly-soiled rugs, and it can’t remove stubborn messes.

Pet owners should be especially careful when cleaning their rugs. Pets will leave traces of their urine and other dirt, which can ruin a beautiful oriental rug. If you have a pet, you may want to consider using a rug pad underneath it to prevent any stains or spills from penetrating into the fibre roots of the rug. Using a rug pad also prevents excess moisture from staining.

After a cleaning, the rug should be rinsed thoroughly with a hose. After rinsing, Smart Choice Rug Care will use an extractor to remove the excess water, speed up the drying process, and restore the pile condition. A proper drying process is necessary to prevent the risk of mold growth.

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