How to Properly Clean an Oriental Rug

When it comes to cleaning oriental rugs, there are several steps that should be taken to prevent damage. First, you need to be aware of the types of stains that can occur, and you should also be aware of the type of cleaner that should be used. Urine stains are very serious and can cause the dyes in the rug to run. To clean these stains, you need to soak up the urine, and this can be done by using a wet cloth or paper towel. You can also place some weighted objects on the rug to absorb more moisture. However, you should remember to keep the cloth damp and not too soggy, to avoid causing the rug to become damaged. oriental rug cleaners

In addition to cleaning the stains, you should also rinse the rug after cleaning. Then, you should brush the rug and check for any remaining stains. Oriental rugs are not meant to be handled roughly, and an experienced rug cleaner will have the proper equipment and know-how to clean them in the most professional way.

Cleaning a rug is important because it can collect a lot of dust, dirt, and other types of debris over the years. Unless you get regular cleaning, your rug will start to look really gross. Oriental rugs need to be cleaned at least once a year, particularly in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Oriental rugs can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. However, this process is very delicate, so you should leave it to a professional. A good rug cleaner will know when to dry clean the rug. Dry cleaning is sometimes referred to as solid cleaning, and is a better method for lightly-soiled rugs. However, dry cleaning will not remove deeply-soiled messes.

You should also protect your oriental rug from pets. Pets are known to pee in odd places, and it is important to keep them away from the rug. You should also treat any spills as soon as they happen. This is the best way to ensure that your rug remains clean for a long time.

Oriental rugs are particularly delicate and need special cleaning. If not cleaned properly, ground-in dirt can damage the rug fibers and cause mildew and stains. If left untreated, these stains will tarnish the beauty of your rug. If you do not have the time to clean your rugs yourself, you should consider hiring an oriental rug cleaner.

In addition to professional cleaning services, you can also clean your Persian rugs yourself. A qualified oriental rug cleaner will use specialized cleaning solutions designed for this type of rug, and will not use detergents that can damage the natural fibers of the rug. These methods are proven to maintain the condition of the rug, and can help you keep its beauty.

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