How to Properly Clean an Oriental Rug

A reputable oriental rug cleaning company uses proper methods for cleaning your rug. This ensures the rug is free of dirt and allergens. In addition, you can be assured that your rug will be restored to its original condition. This is important if you plan to display your rug in a public place. airduct cleaning


If you have an Oriental rug, you should hire the services of a reputable company. A good company will know how to clean rugs properly and safely. A good company will be able to remove any pet stains. It is also a good idea to get your area rugs professionally cleaned whenever they look dirty or if they start to smell. This is because they can accumulate dirt, allergens, and bacteria. These particles can cause a wide variety of problems, including asthma, rashes, and coughing.


When it comes to cleaning area rugs, you need to make sure you use the best cleaning solution. Area rugs tend to attract dirt, allergens, and bacteria, and can also attract spillages and stains. The best solution for this problem is to hire a professional rug cleaning service. These professionals are trained to clean and restore rugs to their original shape and beauty. They use a special Oriental Rug Shampoo, which is formulated to get maximum cleaning and protect the natural fibers of the rug.


Oriental rugs are beautiful pieces of art and often require meticulous cleaning. A good oriental rug cleaning company can restore the color, remove stains, and even provide padding. In addition, they use organic disinfectants, which are gentler on hand-woven fibers.

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If you want to restore your Persian rugs to their original beauty, you must take care of them regularly. The best way to clean your Persian rugs is to vacuum them at least monthly. Vacuuming is necessary because these rugs are often exposed to dirt, dust, and foot traffic. You should vacuum your Persian rugs at least thrice a week, but it’s also a good idea to vacuum them daily. Rugs that are not regularly vacuumed become dustbins and can harbor dangerous dust mites. Steam cleaning is a better option than regular vacuuming because it removes dirt and heavily soiled particles that collect deep within the rug.


RugPro is an established Manhattan rug cleaning company that specializes in fine rug cleaning and Oriental hand-made rugs. They use only the best, most eco-friendly cleaning solutions and hire Armenian artisans to complete their delicate jobs. RugPro also follows a strict chemical-free policy, using only organic ingredients whenever possible, and focuses on the safety of your family and pets. You can save money and time by taking advantage of a $50 coupon for your first cleaning.


If you have a beautiful oriental rug that you’d like to keep looking its best, you should contact a Chem-Dry oriental rug cleaning company. This company specializes in restoring the color and quality of area rugs using the safest, most effective cleaning method. The technicians at Chem-Dry have the training and equipment to properly care for different types of rugs.

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