How to Properly Clean an Oriental Rug

You can clean oriental rugs at home by vacuuming them. But be careful. Oriental rugs are usually made of wool and silk, and cleaning them can cause damage to the fibers. It is best to use a vacuum attachment that is designed for low-pile carpeting, since the fringes can get caught in the vacuum. Also, remember that Oriental rugs should be cleaned on both sides, to avoid damaging the fringes and the rug itself. Wiz Team

Most rugs are made of wool, which is highly prone to bleeding and fraying. To avoid color bleeding, it is recommended to use a cleaning solution that is formulated for Oriental rugs. Some chemicals are colorfast, but it is advisable to check with a manufacturer to make sure they are colorfast. While most rugs can be vacuumed, too much can cause the fibers to loosen. A good rule of thumb is once every two weeks.

It is best to have the rug cleaned by professionals because the fringe is particularly delicate. A white vinegar solution is recommended for cleaning machine-woven rugs. Make sure to rinse the rug thoroughly afterward. For hand-woven rugs, leave it to the professionals. While it may not be ideal to clean the fringe yourself, it will help to remove debris from the pile. This solution should be used only if you know exactly what to do to clean Oriental rugs.

When cleaning an Oriental rug, make sure you use the right method. Many methods can damage these delicate rugs. It can take a few days to dry after cleaning. The cleaning process can take about two hours, and it requires a couple of days to dry. Professional oriental rug cleaners will do a deeper cleaning than a home owner can. They’ll charge anywhere from $1.25 to $8 per square foot and can clean a full project.

It’s also important to move rugs occasionally to avoid excessive wear. Area rugs with high foot traffic can need a break from it. Spot cleaning helps keep the rugs looking newer longer and prevent permanent stains from setting in. Unlike traditional rugs, oriental rugs don’t need a lot of scrubbing and maintenance to stay clean. You can vacuum them every two weeks or so. You don’t have to spend too much time cleaning them – vacuuming and shaking your rug is sufficient.

Preventive maintenance is essential for the health of your rugs. Regular cleaning will save you thousands of dollars in cleaning costs and improve their appearance. Professional rug cleaners use specific methods that will protect the integrity of the rug while restoring its original feel and look. They’ll check the front and back surfaces of your rug and will inform you of any problems that might need to be fixed. In addition to preventing dirt and other contaminants, you should also keep your oriental rug away from direct sunlight, as it can bleach colors. And don’t forget that you should also avoid wearing shoes on your rugs, which brings dirt into the rug.

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