How to Properly Clean an Oriental Rug

Persian rugs can be extremely delicate, and using a steam cleaner may be detrimental to their delicate fibers. Wool rugs should also be vacuumed only lightly because too much scrubbing can pack the fibres down. You should also keep Persian rugs away from sunlight, which can bleach the colors and cause difficult stains. Also, keep your rug away from pets as dirt from shoes can damage it. You should also clean it regularly with an acid-based cleaning solution to keep it looking its best. oriental rug cleaning

Keeping your rugs clean is essential if you plan to keep them in good condition for a long time. While regular vacuuming is not necessary, rugs that get covered in red wine should be cleaned by an expert. Acid based cleaners may cause permanent damage, but a gentle cleaning every few years can help keep them looking new for longer. The best way to clean your rugs is to visit a professional rug cleaning service every four to five years.

A home vacuum will not reach deep into the fibers of an Oriental rug, and the fibers will deteriorate more quickly if they are not cleaned regularly. An oriental rug cleaning company uses specialized vacuums that can reach deep into the fibers. These machines also use a special filtering solution to protect the fibers from too much moisture and too much heat. The vacuuming process is a delicate one, and a professional should not be trusted with the filtering process.

Some stains are more difficult to remove than others. A urine stain is especially difficult to clean because it contains the base for the dyes to run. To clean the urine stain, you should first absorb the liquid as much as possible. A paper towel or cloth towel can be used for this purpose. The abrasive action of the damp cloth may be enhanced by the use of a weighted object on top of the rug. You must not use too much moisture, however, as this can damage the fibers and cause the rug to lose its luster.

In case your oriental rug has a musty smell, baking soda can help. Don’t let the baking soda penetrate the fibers, or else it may cause permanent damage to your rug. A good Oriental rug cleaning process takes two to three hours, and a few days for the fibers to dry. If you can’t afford the professional service, it’s a good idea to hire an oriental rug cleaning company. A cleaning service will clean your oriental rug with care. It can cost anywhere from fifty to three hundred dollars.

Vacuuming your oriental rug regularly is essential for keeping it in good shape. Avoid over-vacuuming, but make sure to vacuum your rugs frequently, and turn them upside down after each use to avoid exposing them to dust and grit. This will keep them looking their best for longer and help prevent stains from forming. Once every two weeks is plenty of time for this. This is also the safest way to clean an Oriental rug.