How to Properly Clean a Rug

If you’re cleaning a rug by hand, use a gentle dish soap and a soft bristled brush to remove dirt and spills. Test a small area first to make sure colors don’t run. If they do, it’s best to contact a professional rug cleaner. If you have stains or spots on your rug, you can use a stain remover or use a mild cleaner on the area before sweeping. rug cleaning

You can also use rubbing alcohol or mild dish soap to remove stains. Avoid using bleach and other harsh substances as these can damage your rug. Avoid using nail polish and shoe polish on your rugs, as these can be difficult to remove. To dry the rug, place a clean towel underneath it. Don’t scrub the area with a hard brush, as this can cause fibers to come out.

For carpets, vacuuming is recommended at least once a week. This will remove fresh dust and debris from the area rug and prevent it from losing its natural shape. It also keeps the fibers clean and fresh. Professional cleaners don’t use chemical products that can damage the fibers of your rug. They use environmentally friendly products that won’t harm your environment. They can even match your rugs to your home and lifestyle.

If you don’t have time to clean your rug yourself, consider hiring a rug cleaning service. They specialize in oriental and area rugs, and are skilled at removing pet stains. Their expertise will allow them to clean your rug while restoring its original beauty. As a bonus, they’ll also be able to use stain blockers to help prevent future stains.

Besides professional rug cleaning, rug specialists can also repair minor conditions and re-fringe or re-serge your rug. For example, if the ends or sides are damaged, a professional can manually sew new fringes. They can also re-wrap the edges of your rug to prevent any further damage and costly repairs.

Rugs can be made from many different materials and weaving patterns. Different materials and weaving patterns require different cleaning methods and professional rug cleaners understand the unique properties of each type. For synthetic fiber rugs, most cleaning methods will work, but you can expect to pay about $1 or $3 per square foot to hire a professional.

After cleaning your rug, it’s important to allow it to dry completely. This process may take several days. If you can, put your rug in a place with low sun exposure. The sun bleaches carpets and reduces their life expectancy. If you can’t wait that long, consider storing your rug in a closet or a garage instead.