How to Properly Clean a Rug

For everyday rug cleaning, you can use warm water and a mild dish detergent. Be careful not to use hot water because this can shrink your rug and cause it to fade. Always test the solution on a small area before moving on to the whole rug. Once the test area has been thoroughly cleaned, you can proceed with the main cleaning process. If the cleaning solution leaves a mark, take the rug to a professional. If you’re unsure of what to do, you can also test the solution on an inconspicuous area of your rug to ensure that the stain won’t affect the rest of the rug. airduct cleaning

If a stain has a foul smell, you can use a cornstarch mixture and cold water. Follow this with a fan dry. If the stain is too hard to remove, you can apply a pet stain remover. To apply the stain remover, make sure to use gloves to avoid putting pressure on the stain. Make sure to blot the stan gently without wringing the fabric.

Dry rug cleaning is another option. It can cost between $1.50 and $5 per square foot, and uses a chemical detergent to work the soil out of the fibers. Once it is dry, the cleaner vacuums it up. Steam cleaning can be more expensive, costing $1 to $4 per square foot, but most carpet manufacturers recommend it as the best option for removing dirt and grime without damaging the fibers. The dry method of rug cleaning will also cost you anywhere from one dollar to four dollars per square foot.

When cleaning a rug, experts use special solutions that are formulated for removing stubborn stains. They use a combination of soft water and an expert cleaning solution to remove dirt and allergens from rugs and carpets. The powerful suction techniques used by these cleaning methods remove over ninety percent of the moisture and cleaning solution. This method is recommended by most carpet manufacturers and most professionals. It is the most efficient method for removing stains.

Vacuuming is a must. Vacuuming rugs at least once a week can reduce the amount of dust accumulated on them. Most people wait until the rug becomes dirty to vacuum it. However, this method is not recommended for rugs with fringes as they may tear. It is also best to use a quality vacuum cleaner to make sure all the dust and dirt is removed. If a squeegee is not available, you can use a nylon screen to avoid the fringe from being caught.

The pay for a rug and carpet cleaning job is fairly good. They make a median salary of $15,320 to $24,420 per year. Some people work on the weekends. Some work for a building maintenance company or even an employer that employs their own cleaners. Typically, the job is based in the home or business of the customer. If you are already experienced, you can become a supervisor for a large rug cleaning company. For those with no experience, it’s best to start out by working as a trainee. This way, you won’t have to spend your valuable time learning how to clean a rug.