How to Properly Clean a Rug

A cleaning solution made from hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can be used on stained rugs. The solution is safe for most machine-made rugs, and can be used to remove any stains. To get the best results, however, you must know the proper pH level of the solution. Avoid using hydrogen peroxide on fabric with delicate fibers, and use a mild solution instead. After the cleaning solution is dry, apply a stain remover and leave the carpet to air dry. rug cleaning

If you are concerned about the colorfastness of your rug, test the material on a white cloth and press it on the dampened rug surface to see if it shows the stain. If the color does not fade, it may be too dark or too light to clean. If so, you should consult the manufacturer’s care instructions. Rugs made of wool and silk are especially delicate. Hence, professional rug cleaners are essential. Whether it’s a vintage or modern rug, a professional cleaning will restore its luster.

While steam cleaning can remove surface dirt and stains, it cannot completely remove them. Most bacteria and contaminants have settled deep inside the rug. Steam cleaning can only use a small amount of water and must be dried in 20 minutes or less. This process can be costly, as it can leave residue behind. However, professional rug cleaners will clean your area rugs more thoroughly, often with fewer cleaning sessions. If you opt for this method, you can expect the rug to be clean for longer, which will increase the value of your rug.

Professional cleaning services use solutions that are designed to clean fibers. They also use chemicals-free plant-based solutions that are great for the environment. These supplies are based on various plants, enriched with enzymes, and come with a great scent. These solutions are formulated for a wide range of rugs. In addition to using specialized equipment, professional rug cleaners use cutting-edge techniques to protect your rugs and extend their life.

If you can’t take your rug to a rug cleaner, you can use mild dish detergent in warm water. However, you should be very careful when using hot water, as the rug may shrink or fade. Always test the cleaning solution on a small corner of the rug before proceeding. And make sure that you rinse the rug thoroughly. If you are unsure of the pH level of the solution, you should take your rug to a professional for help.

Professional rug cleaners charge differently, depending on the type of rug they are cleaning. The cost of synthetic rugs is low because they don’t need as much effort to clean. Natural-fiber rugs, however, require special care and tend to cost up to 20% more. Old, delicate rugs will cost around 35 percent more. You can save money by doing your own rug cleaning, but you shouldn’t risk the quality of your rugs.