How to Keep Your Oriental Rugs Looking Brand New

Oriental rugs are among the most beautiful types of carpets, but they can become a mess if not maintained properly. Professional rug cleaners use various techniques to restore the original look and feel of your rugs, which save you thousands of dollars in the long run. They clean rugs from the front and back surface, inspecting them for stains and odors, and inform you of their condition. They will also give you advice about how to clean your rugs. airduct cleaning company

If you are unsure about how to clean your Oriental rugs, the best way to start is to move them occasionally. This will prevent them from experiencing excessive wear. Also, avoid placing rugs in high-traffic areas, where they are constantly trampled. Regular spot cleaning will help keep your rugs looking brand new longer, and will help prevent permanent stains from setting in. Vacuuming your rugs is important, but they don’t require a lot of scrubbing. A thorough vacuuming once or twice a year will be fine.

After vacuuming your area rugs, it’s important to let them air-dry quickly. A dehumidifier or an air mover will help speed up the drying process. Using a protective sealant on wool or silk will help protect them from sun degradation. Lastly, you should also avoid using chemicals that contain chlorine, which can damage the natural fibers of your rugs. Make sure to consult your rug cleaner to learn more about these cleaning methods.

The process for cleaning rugs is referred to as rug filtering. This process is used for both Persian and Oriental rugs. The cleaners spray a cleaner on your rug and let it filter through. Once this process is complete, the rug will be soaked in clean water and allowed to air dry. The process may cost as low as $.49 per square foot, but may cost as much as eight dollars, depending on the complexity of your rugs.

The most common method for cleaning a rug is a vinegar and water solution. Vinegar and water solutions work well for cleaning rugs that have stains. Avoid a mixture of bleach and water for this type of cleaning. Vinegar also works to lift the dirt and odor from rugs. You can also use a white vinegar solution for cleaning the fringe on a machine-woven Oriental rug. A solution of white vinegar and water works well for removing any dirt, as well as removing dust and debris from the rug.

The process of cleaning an Oriental rug may take two hours or more and must be thoroughly completed. Afterwards, it will need a few days to dry. Professional oriental rug cleaners can provide a more thorough clean than home owners can achieve. However, professional rug cleaners can charge between $50 and $300 for a full cleaning project. If you are concerned about the safety of your rug, it is a better idea to spend the extra money and hire a professional oriental rug cleaner.

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