How to Keep Your Oriental Rugs Clean

Using professional Oriental rug cleaners can save you a lot of money in the long run. By regularly cleaning your rug, you can prolong its life and maintain its color. Professional rug cleaners are highly skilled in techniques to maintain the integrity of your rugs. They carefully inspect both the front and back surface of your rugs and inform you of any problems. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a rug cleaning service. This way, you can ensure your rugs are cleaned to their highest quality. rug cleaners

A professional oriental rug cleaner can also clean stains and remove odors from them. They can also remove dirt, dust and other particles from your rugs. If you don’t regularly clean your rugs, you may end up with super-gritty rugs. Oriental rug cleaners specialize in keeping them in pristine condition. To avoid the need to clean your rugs every time they appear dirty, you can try these easy cleaning tips.

To clean your rugs at home, avoid using harsh detergents that might damage your Oriental rugs. A neutral pH liquid cleaner or baking soda will do the trick. Using baking soda will leave residue and may even damage the fibers of silk or wool rugs. You should also avoid scrubbing your Oriental rugs with a brush that pulls color or flanges the fibers. To avoid this problem, you should use a neutral pH liquid cleaner or water mixed with a little acid.

Professional Oriental rug cleaners use cleaning solutions that are specifically designed to protect the delicate fibers of Oriental rugs. Since many wool rugs are color-sensitive, the use of chemicals can cause the fibers to bleed and fray. In addition, it can cause the rugs to lose their vibrancy. A professional rug cleaner will use industrially tested cleaning solutions and methods to keep them in top condition. You should consult with a rug cleaning service before using any cleaning product on your rugs.

Urine stains can ruin your oriental rugs. The base of urine causes dyes to run. To clean a urine stain, start by absorbing the liquid using a wet cloth towel or a paper towel. You may want to place a heavy object on top of the wet cloth towel to increase the absorption process. In this case, you may need to use a towel to clean the rug thoroughly. Ensure that the cloth is not too wet as excessive moisture may cause further damage.

Frequent vacuuming is another important step to keep your rugs looking like new. The dirt and grit that gets trapped in carpet fibers will eventually wear down the pile. You should also use a vacuum cleaner with soft bristles. This way, the vacuum cleaner will not damage the rugs. If you do use a vacuum cleaner, you should use the correct one. Remember that a vacuum cleaner with hard bristles will wear them out over time.

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