How to Get the Most Out of Your Oriental Rug

To get the most out of your Oriental rug, you should consider hiring a professional rug cleaning service. They will make your rug look like new again and will also keep it looking like new for a longer time. Here are some tips to help you maintain your Oriental rug. First of all, you should avoid vacuuming it too often, as this will cause the fibers to become loose. Vacuuming your Oriental rug once every two weeks is a safe enough frequency to keep it looking fresh. oriental rug cleaners

While you can clean a stain on your own, you should not try to clean it by rubbing it. You will only end up rubbing the stain further into the rug. Oriental rugs are made of wool, which means that it will retain any smell and will not be easily removed by regular washing. If you do manage to get a stain on your rug, it is best to contact a professional rug cleaning service to ensure a complete restoration.

You should also avoid using enzyme cleaners on your Oriental rug. These chemicals can damage the fibers and may cause bleeding of the rug. Besides, they will not remove the pet odor, since urine crystals are buried deep in the rug’s fibers. Using an enzyme cleaner will only remove the odor, but it will not be able to clean the fibers. Professional rug cleaning will use a cleaning solution made of white vinegar and water, and they will thoroughly clean your rug from top to bottom.

A professional rug cleaning service will have experience with the different problems that your rug may face. Pet urine, for example, requires a thorough solution to remove it. Pet urine has chemicals that distort color runs and has a pungent smell that can’t be completely covered. The chemical content of urine will also make your rug less pliable and prone to cracks and folds, resulting in unsightly stains and even attracting moths.

Regular steam cleaning will leave your oriental rug damp, so it is best to leave it for the experts to restore its original beauty. Regular steam cleaning does not penetrate the deep layers of carpet fibers, leaving behind excess water that will eventually wear away the texture of the rug. A professional oriental rug cleaning service will have the necessary tools to restore your oriental rug to its former glory. They will also clean your oriental rug and check it for signs of dye bleed and worn patches, and will also repair frayed fringe.

For more advanced cleaning methods, consider hiring a professional rug cleaning company. These professionals can restore the color of your oriental rug to its original glory. They use special cleaning products and equipment, ensuring your rug is kept clean and hygienic. And while regular vacuuming is essential, professional rug cleaning is recommended. In NYC, a local rug cleaning company cleaned two antique oriental rugs, one of which had significant restoration work. The cleaners made the rugs look amazing. The more worn rugs, on the other hand, had blurred spots, tears, and bare spots, so I had to bring them to a more expensive rug cleaning company.