How to Find a Reputable Air Duct Cleaning Company

When looking for an air duct cleaning company, check for their insurance and business license. Ask about the experience of the technician and what they will do to ensure the cleanliness of your duct system. Check the prices and terms of service for a few air duct cleaning companies to compare. Make sure that you feel comfortable with their work. After all, you want the most reliable company to take care of your home’s air ducts. Carpet Cleaning

Ensure that they are BBB-certified. A reputable air duct cleaning company will be able to provide proof of insurance to ensure quality results and a low risk of legal disputes. Also, make sure they carry liability insurance. This is crucial because a poorly-run company may not be able to meet the deadline. If the customer is not satisfied, the company could face legal issues. To protect yourself, hire a reputable air duct cleaning company with a great BBB rating.

Make sure the air duct cleaning company uses drop cloths and plastic guards to protect your home from dust and debris. Be sure the technicians wear booties to prevent them from tracking dirt and debris throughout the home. Check the background of the air duct cleaning company before hiring them. Check the credentials of their employees and look for experience and a good reputation. Don’t be tempted by coupon specials. Highly trained professionals don’t work for a bargain basement rate.

Ensure the ducted cleaning company performs a thorough inspection before beginning the work. A company that does this will be more likely to perform an excellent job. Check with the company’s website for their customer reviews. If the customer is happy with their service, the company will be more likely to return to clean the ducts again. You should also ask how much they charge and how much ductwork the company has to clean. A professional air duct cleaning company will give you an estimate for their services.

Find out if the company has been in business for a long time. A long-standing company will have a history of satisfying customers and highly-trained technicians. Check the certification of air duct cleaning companies too. NADCA is a trade organization that represents HVAC companies and sets standards for their services. This organization also provides educational opportunities and certifications for air duct cleaning professionals. Using an air duct cleaning company that is a member of NADCA is a good way to ensure quality and safety.

Before you decide to hire an air duct cleaning company, check if you have any allergies or asthma. If you are sensitive to airborne allergens, you should visit your doctor first. They can prescribe a solution. However, if you have a history of asthma or allergies, you should seek medical advice from a professional. Once you know what your symptoms are, it is time to contact an air duct cleaning company to discuss your options.

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