How to Do Your Own Oriental Rug Cleaning

To get the best results from oriental rug cleaning, it is best to get a professional service to clean your rug. Some rugs are made of hand-woven materials, and it is imperative to keep them clean in order to keep their beauty. However, if you happen to be unable to afford a professional, you can clean your rug yourself by following a few simple steps. oriental rug cleaning near me

Firstly, make sure that you never over-vacuum your oriental rug. While you’ll be able to get the dirt and dust out of a rug by vacuuming regularly, you should be careful not to over-vacuum it. This will help keep it looking newer for longer, and prevent stains from setting in.

Next, make sure that you don’t use chemicals that can damage the rug. The best way to protect your rug from damage is to buy the products that contain a mild detergent. This type of cleaner is specially designed for Oriental rugs. It contains ingredients specifically designed to protect the delicate fibers. This will prevent the delicate fibers from fraying and bleeding. Also, be sure to test the cleaning chemicals on a rug first to make sure they are colorfast.

During the cleaning process, always remember that the better quality oriental rugs are made of wool, cotton, or silk. These natural fibers need special care, so it’s essential to use a special cleaning solution for them. The cleaning process should be done by highly trained technicians using modern equipment and specially designed cleaning agents. A specialist will use the best products to avoid damage to your rugs.

Another way to clean your oriental rug is to use an enzyme cleaner. Enzymes break down organic residue and urine salts. However, these chemicals don’t reach deep enough into the fibers of your rug to remove the odors. This is because the urine crystals are buried deep in the rug, so surface cleaning won’t do the trick.

Another way to clean your oriental rug is to hire a professional. These professionals are trained to do a deep cleaning that is far more thorough than the average homeowner can. Depending on the size of the rug, you could spend between $1.25 and $8 per square foot, with a price of $50 and $300 for a complete project.

Besides using a pH-neutral detergent, you can also use white vinegar or a warm water solution to remove stains. The white vinegar is particularly helpful for removing greasy spills. It’s also recommended to use a soft brush, as wool is weak when wet. Therefore, a soft brush is needed when cleaning the rugs.