How to Clean Your Oriental Rug Effectively

Cleaning your Oriental rug regularly is an important part of caring for it and maintaining its beauty. Over the years, dirt, dust, and debris will collect on your rug. If you fail to get rid of these deposits, it will begin to look super gross. Using oriental rug cleaners can help prevent such a scenario. Regular cleaning will not only keep your rugs looking their best, but also protect their natural fibers. Read on to learn how to clean your rugs effectively. airduct cleaning near me

Pets are not the only culprits of stains on your oriental rug. Dogs, for example, tend to choose the strangest spots to pee on the rug. Pet owners should protect their rugs from these accidents by getting them potty trained. When a stain does occur, the best way to treat it is to clean it as soon as possible. Keeping it clean and dry will help the rug retain its original color and feel.

While carpet cleaning is a great idea, professional oriental rug cleaners know that it’s best to have them professionally cleaned at least once every three years. The right chemicals can prevent color bleeding and fraying, and can be used for periodic deep cleaning. Always make sure to test any chemical you plan to use on your rug first to make sure it’s safe for your rugs. Furthermore, don’t forget to clean the fringes, as these can turn a lovely brown. But be sure to avoid using bleaching agents on your oriental rug, as these can bleach the color and ruin it.

If you’re unsure about the best way to clean your rug, try this old-fashioned method. You can wring out water from the rug’s surface, and then use a straw bristle brush to brush it gently. This method works best for braided, hand-hooked, and flat-weave rugs. After cleaning, you can use cool water and a neutral-pH liquid cleaner. Then, place your Oriental rug in a warm, dry area to dry.

Traditional methods of cleaning oriental rugs involved shaking the rug and hanging it to dry. Today, professional oriental rug cleaners use gentler methods, which protect the integrity of your rugs and prevent the risk of buckling and shrinking. This is important because the delicate fibers of Oriental rugs are highly delicate. In fact, many professional oriental rug cleaners will even clean your rugs by hand. A professional oriental rug cleaner will make sure that your rug is completely restored to its original state.

Some stains are hard to remove by yourself. For instance, dog urine is a tough stain to remove, but you can make an effective solution out of white vinegar and warm water. For greasy spills, you can mix pH-neutral detergent with the solution. Red wine is another difficult stain to remove, but it’s important to get it out of your rug as soon as possible. This way, you won’t have to pay a professional for cleaning.

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