How to Clean Pet Urine Spots on Area Rugs

One of the best ways to prevent stains from forming is to clean the area immediately after a pet defecates on it. Pets tend to defecate on old urine spots, so the first step is to remove the stains. Applying a solution of cornstarch with cold water, a towel and a fan can help to dry the area quickly. In addition, you should remove as much pet poop as you can. If you have multiple pets, it may help to use gloves. It is important to follow all instructions for cleaning the area before you begin. It is also important to note that some enzyme cleaners may not be suitable for use on rugs. oriental rug cleaning near me

If you don’t want to use a detergent, try using baking soda on the stains. This solution is effective in removing stains and can cause minimal damage to machine-made rugs. If you cannot find a solution to use on the stain, you can also use hydrogen peroxide as a diluent. Be sure to follow directions carefully to avoid damaging the rug. You can also try to use a clean towel under the area before cleaning it.

There are several different types of area rugs, including antique, oriental, silk, hand-made, and machine-made. Depending on the material, you may need to get them cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service. Many area rug cleaning companies offer free estimates, so contact one today to schedule an appointment. The cost of cleaning an area rug depends on the size, material and age of the rug. However, you can always save money by hiring a professional rug cleaner instead of trying to clean it yourself.

If you are not sure about the cleaning solution you need to use, you can mix it with a small amount of water before applying it to the entire area. Then, you should allow it to sit for five minutes to lift the dirt and set. If it does not dry after that time, take the rug to a rug cleaning professional for a thorough cleaning. If you are not sure of how to clean it, you can use a mild detergent to test a small section on the rug.

It is important to get your area rugs cleaned by a professional to avoid the need for replacing them. This way, you can save money while still maintaining the aesthetics of your home. The process should take only a few hours or less. You don’t have to spend a lot of time moving furniture, which isn’t easy if you have a busy lifestyle. Once the area rug is clean, you can choose it to decorate your home and make it more beautiful.

A professional cleaner will usually have several different cleaning methods and may charge a flat fee for each one. Some cleaners may charge an additional fee for special services, such as stain blocking. You will also need to consider the material and condition of your rug when choosing the right method. Generally, rug cleaners tend to use less water, but you may need to visit the service provider a few times during the cleaning process. So, when choosing a cleaning company, make sure to ask about the amount of time it takes.

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