How to Clean Area Rugs Yourself

You can clean your area rugs yourself using a variety of methods, but you’ll need to follow certain guidelines. To start, don’t scrub the rugs – this can damage their delicate fibers. To get rid of dust and other debris, use a cleaning solution made for rugs and work it into a lather before you apply it to the rugs. Once the lather is formed, let it sit on the rug for about five minutes. The soap will help lift the dirt and loosen any loose dirt from the fibers. Finally, rinse the rugs with a bucket of clean water or a garden hose. The runoff water should be crystal clear. Carpet Cleaning companyFor stubborn stains, you can use enzymatic stain removers. Make sure the solution is safe for the material of the rug, and follow the directions on the container. Then, apply the stain remover to the affected area. Allow the solution to sit for several minutes before scrubbing with a soft rag.

While you may not have the time or energy to clean your area rugs, you shouldn’t let them go untreated. If your area rugs are looking dirty or smelling bad, they’re probably due for a thorough cleaning. Before cleaning, make sure to vacuum both sides of the rug, using a vacuum attachment to remove pet hair and dirt. You can also use rug shampoo and follow the directions on the bottle.

Professional cleaners use cleaning products that don’t leave a residue that attracts dirt. This means that your rugs will stay cleaner for a longer time. This is a good thing, since it also ensures a healthier home environment. Professional cleaners also know how to match rugs to your home and lifestyle.

Before applying any cleaning solution to a rug, make sure to test a small area with a white towel. If the solution bleeds or runs, it’s time to move on to the next step. A spot or stain may require additional treatments, such as a rug protector. When you’re sure you’ve identified the problem area, you’ll be able to determine how best to clean the rug.

You can choose to clean your rug yourself or hire a cleaning service. If you’d like to do the work yourself, you can start by searching for openings in newspapers or job banks online. You can apply at rug and carpet cleaning companies, building maintenance companies, or even businesses that hire their own cleaners. Alternatively, you can check with private or state employment agencies. Eventually, if you’re good enough, you can even open your own business. It will require a small initial investment, but the equipment is typically rented.

The most common method of rug cleaning at home is hot water extraction, or steam cleaning. This technique is best suited for antique rugs. It involves injecting hot water directly into the pile and then extracting it with a vacuum system. Another common method is low-moisture cleaning. This method involves running the rug through a low-moisture machine with an absorbent pad to remove the detergents.