How to Clean an Oriental Rug

You may be tempted to try cleaning an Oriental rug on your own. After all, it’s only a few tools and a gallon of cleaning solution. Although it seems like a simple project, it can end in disaster. The finer the Oriental rug, the more damage it will take. Cleaning solutions often make false claims about their effectiveness and should be avoided. Here’s how to clean an Oriental rug: oriental rug cleaning company

Dusting your rug is essential to achieving a thorough clean. While you may not see a significant amount of dust on your rug, you may be surprised to know that it can store up to 11b of soil per square foot. To get the most thorough cleaning, hire a professional rug cleaning company. You can find one in your area through HomeAdvisor. These companies have been serving the Reading area since 1978. To ensure you get the best results, choose a local rug cleaning company.

Vacuuming your rug is crucial for maintaining its original beauty. Vacuuming should be done in the same direction as the pile, rather than rubbing on the rug with abrasive bristles. If possible, vacuum your rug at least once a week, or several times a week in areas where heavy foot traffic is expected. Also, remember to vacuum the backside of the rug to remove dirt that might have accumulated underneath.

It is important to hire a rug cleaning company that specializes in Oriental rugs. Regular steam cleaning doesn’t reach the deep layers of the carpet fibers and simply leaves the area damp. A professional oriental rug cleaning company will not only clean your area rug, but also inspect and repair any damaged fringe and dye bleed. It will also ensure the complete restoration of its original appearance. If it’s not a rug cleaning company, it will be difficult to tell whether it needs repair or a complete overhaul.

Before you hire a rug cleaning company, make sure that you understand how they work. Oriental rugs are often very fragile and require special care. They require special chemicals, heat levels, and drying procedures to be cleaned effectively. In addition to professional rug cleaning, it’s also a good idea to protect your rugs from spills and pet urine by keeping them in a dust-free area. Never rub a rug, as this can make the stain spread faster. If a spill occurs, take it to a professional immediately to avoid further damage or further staining.

If you’ve recently bought an oriental rug, you might want to consider hiring an oriental rug cleaning company. After all, these rugs are beautiful additions to your home, but they require regular cleaning to maintain their beauty. In addition to cleaning your rugs regularly, a professional rug cleaning company will know exactly how to care for them. A specialist can use 10 steps of specialized cleaning techniques to make sure your wool rug is thoroughly cleaned.

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