How to Clean an Oriental Rug

The process of cleaning an Oriental rug is extremely delicate. Professional rug cleaners use special recipes and processes that protect the integrity of the material. They will thoroughly wet the mat and leave it in the solution for an extended period of time. This process will ensure that the rug comes out as clean as possible. Afterwards, they will rinse it and dry it. If the cleaning process is not thorough enough, they will make recommendations based on the condition of the rug. rug cleaners near me

The next step to cleaning an Oriental rug is to prevent stains. Pet stains, especially those caused by urine, can cause significant damage. This is because urine is the base for the dyes in Oriental rugs, and this causes them to run. To clean a urine stain, first you must absorb the urine. You can use wet paper towels or cloth towels. You can also add a weighted object to increase the amount of moisture and absorbency. You should use a cloth that is moist, but not soggy.

Secondly, don’t use enzyme-based cleaners on an Oriental rug. This may cause the rug to bleed. Additionally, the enzymes may not remove pet odors as the urine crystals are buried deep into the rug’s fibers. Instead, professional Oriental rug cleaners use a vinegar-water solution. This method is a safer alternative to using a commercial cleaning agent, and may even work as well.

Third, regular vacuuming is essential. You need to avoid over-vacuuming your Oriental rug. Vacuuming can cause stains and make them appear old faster. However, it is better to vacuum your rug regularly than to leave it wet, as this can damage the fringe. To protect your rug from scratches and stains, it’s a good idea to invest in quality pads for it. These are available for both carpets and hardwood floors.

Cleaning an Oriental rug is more than just removing dirt and debris. The process also helps in maintaining the natural fibers and structure of your rug. Therefore, regular cleaning is necessary for maintaining the beauty and longevity of your rugs. Ideally, you should have your rug professionally cleaned every four or five years. However, if you’re unsure of how to clean an Oriental rug, it’s best to get it cleaned by an expert.

Once your Oriental rug has been cleaned, you can dry it yourself. It’s important not to use a steam cleaner as it can damage the delicate fibers. If possible, you can dry your rug on a curtain rod or laundry stand. You can also use a dehumidifier or a fan to help with the drying process. However, steam cleaning isn’t recommended for rugs with delicate fibers because it could cause the dye to run.

When cleaning an Oriental rug, you should always use an acidic solution. Most people think of acid as bad, but this is actually the best solution for wool and silk rugs. A pH level of 5.5 or higher will be ideal. A neutral pH cleaning solution can also be used. However, you must make sure that you follow the cleaning directions properly. If you are not sure, consult an expert and ask for their advice. If you want your rug to be in the best condition, don’t hesitate to call an expert Oriental rug cleaner in your area.

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