How to Clean an Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs are usually handmade and require a special type of cleaning method. Wool fiber is particularly susceptible to stains and deterioration because the fibers no longer contain the natural protection agent. Wool and silk are also susceptible to fading and deterioration because of exposure to sunlight and humidity. Even though these rugs are durable, pets, dust mites, and other factors can cause harm to them. Read on for helpful tips on how to clean Oriental rugs. Carpet Cleaning company

It is important to dry Oriental rugs completely after cleaning. If they are stored in storage units or basements for a long time, they will not smell. They may need to undergo deep cleaning to remove these odors and restore their colors. Depending on the type of Oriental rug, spot testing is recommended before tackling the cleaning. Some types of rugs are sensitive to water, and vinegar-based solutions may be used instead of detergents.

Taking care of your rugs is crucial for their long-term beauty. A professional oriental rug cleaner uses proprietary recipes to remove dust, dirt, and soil from them. A thorough cleaning will not only restore the original look and feel of the rug, but it will also prevent future stains from forming. You should also avoid over-vacuuming them as this can cause stains. If you do decide to vacuum your rugs, make sure you vacuum them regularly. A vacuuming of rugs regularly can help keep them looking fresher for longer, and prevent stains from settling in.

If possible, move rugs to different rooms if they are in high-traffic areas, or if they are used in kitchens and bathrooms. These areas have constant foot traffic and may need a break from the foot traffic. Besides the frequent cleaning, spot cleaning is also an effective way of keeping rugs fresh and preventing permanent stains. Although oriental rugs require little maintenance, they need regular vacuuming and shaking. Vacuuming is best done about once every two weeks.

Urine stains can also cause damage to rugs, especially if not removed immediately. The base of urine causes the dyes to run. When cleaning urine stains, you must absorb the urine first. Wet paper towels or cloth towels can be used for this purpose. Do not rub or squeeze the rug to increase moisture absorption. If the stain persists, you can consult a professional oriental rug cleaner to remove the stain completely.

Oriental rugs are fragile and expensive. Therefore, it is best to avoid attempting to clean them yourself. Although it might be tempting to use home-made cleaning products, you need to know that there are certain methods that will not damage the rugs. Oriental rug cleaning should be done by a professional, as the home-made methods may cause them to break down. Professional cleaners charge between $1.25 and $8 per square foot, and the total cost can range from $50 to $300 for a whole project.

Regular vacuuming is vital to prevent dust and grit from settling on the rugs. These particles will wear down the pile over time if you have high foot traffic. Also, avoid using vacuums with long bristles as these can cause damage to rugs. Instead, use a soft bristled vacuum with suction only. The vacuum will not damage the rugs, but it will help remove dust and other particles from the rug.

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