How to Clean a Rug

If your rug has stains or smells like pet urine, it is important to know how to clean them. For tough stains, you can use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Both of these methods will remove the stain with minimal damage to the rug. The solution can be applied on stains with a soft brush or old toothbrush and allowed to soak overnight. The next day, vacuum the rug to remove any leftover solution. This solution should not be used on stains from a fresh animal. oriental rug cleaning near me

To clean colorfast rugs, you can use a brush or sponge with a cleaning solution and rinse it thoroughly afterward. The main rule of cleaning with a cleaning solution is to not over-wet the fibers and use only a small amount. It is best to avoid using soap because it can attract more dirt and make the rug look worse than before. In addition, it is best to rinse the rug thoroughly after cleaning to avoid a soapy residue.

Depending on the material of the rug, you can safely machine wash small rugs in a washing machine. When washing a large rug, use the lowest temperature setting and use warm water. Then, dry it flat to avoid any shrinkage. If you have a small rug, you can even use a fan to speed up the drying process. For larger rugs, you should dry the rug on a sanding table to ensure even drying.

Professional rug cleaning services use a combination of methods, and can even offer flat fees for additional services, such as stain blocking treatment. While a steam cleaning process can effectively remove most surface soil and stains, it cannot eliminate most bacteria. This is a process that will require fewer cleaning sessions than other methods. And it is better to pay for a high-quality service if you can. This way, you can complete the task at your leisure.

Vacuuming your area rugs regularly is essential. Not only will this keep the carpeting clean and fresh, but it will prevent lint and dirt from clogging the rug’s fibers. It will also keep wool fibers from losing their natural shape. For better results, hire a rug cleaning professional. You’ll be glad you did. When choosing a rug cleaning company, don’t forget to find one that has a good reputation.

It is recommended that you rotate your rugs every six months, depending on their usage and the amount of traffic they receive. You should also vacuum regularly, but don’t use beater bars. They could damage the fringe. Instead, use a hose end to vacuum the area, or a high-quality pad. For spot cleaning, you can use a solution of white vinegar and water or a mild detergent and water. If necessary, fan the area to speed up the drying time.

Wool rugs are made of sheep hair and are known to last for decades with proper care. You can expect to spend between four and eight dollars per square foot to clean a wool rug, but you may need to hand-wash handmade rugs. Hand washing can be very expensive and requires several separate steps such as scrubbing, shampooing, and rinsing. For this reason, wool rugs are typically expensive and require careful cleaning.

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