How to Choose an Airduct Cleaning Company

While choosing an airduct cleaning company, it is essential to choose one that has a reputation for high-quality work. Check references, online reviews, and insurance coverage before hiring. You should also inquire about the technician’s background, whether he or she has experience working in homes like yours, and the terms of service. You should also know how the company will handle the dirt they’ll remove and protect your home from damage. A company that takes pride in its work is likely to offer a guarantee, so you can rest assured that your investment will be safe. airduct cleaning company

When choosing a reputable airduct cleaning company, you should ask for a receipt itemizing the work performed. Avoid companies that quote too low prices and switch their prices afterward. You should ask for a free estimate from multiple companies, and make sure to find out how much their services cost before deciding on one. It may be best to call around to get three quotes before making a decision, and make sure to ask each one how much they charge for each service.

An air duct cleaning company will clean your entire ducted system, using special tools that allow them to reach the most difficult places. A vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction hose and rotary brushes will not be able to get into all areas of the duct system. Professional air duct cleaning companies will utilize these special tools to make the ducts clean and healthy for your entire house. A video camera will help you see how much dirt has been removed from the ducts, which is vital in ensuring that your home is healthy.

While the ducts are important, there are other components of your HVAC system that need to be cleaned as well. These include blowers, registers, heat components, and cooling coils. You should also regularly check the air filters on your HVAC system and replace them if they become dirty. Your HVAC company will also clean your heating and cooling equipment. By completing this process, you can rest assured that the efficiency of your heating and cooling system will improve.

An air duct cleaning can cost from $100 to $1,000, depending on the size and number of vents. Most professional air duct cleaning companies charge a flat rate for each vent, and some also charge by the square footage. Some companies have package rates based on the number of vents and their needs. The average cost for a complete cleaning will be between $130 and $660. You should be cautious of companies that offer packages based on the number of vents, as they can overcharge you for unnecessary work.

An air duct cleaning service will thoroughly clean your home’s ducts and remove all contaminants. It is a good idea to check the EPA guidelines before hiring an air duct cleaning company. EPA guidelines on duct cleaning state that the process should follow the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. This is essential as it can reduce the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning. EPA publications are also available online. There are many other reasons why air duct cleaning is important for your home.

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