How to Choose an Airduct Cleaning Company

When choosing an airduct cleaning company, it is important to look for a few things. First of all, ask if they offer a free estimate. This will give you a chance to ask questions and learn more about the process. It also gives you a better idea of the costs of the cleaning. Carpet Cleaning

Background screening for air duct cleaning company

Before hiring an air duct cleaning company, you should make sure they perform a background check on all of their technicians. You might think that this is an unnecessary step, but professional duct cleaners spend a lot of time inside your home. If you are worried about the safety of your family and your possessions, background checks are an important precaution. Also, you should ask about the company’s hiring history.

You should also look for a company’s license to operate in your state. This way, you can be assured that they are reputable and follow state laws regarding health and safety. You can also check if they are certified by the state or NADCA.

Equipment used by air duct cleaning company

An air duct cleaning company uses a variety of tools to achieve its cleaning goals. Some companies use hand brushes, while others use pneumatic cleaning devices. Both have the same goal: to remove stuck-on debris from the air ducts. Air duct cleaning companies also use portable vacuum equipment to remove debris from the interior of a duct system.

The tools used by air duct cleaning professionals should include a variety of hand and power tools, such as a vacuum and compressed air tools. These tools are essential in cleaning air ducts. Having the proper tools will ensure a quality clean and reduce the risk of the air ducts blowing back dirt.

Cost of air duct cleaning

The cost of air duct cleaning can vary greatly, depending on the square footage of the home or business, the size of the furnace or air conditioning system, and the number of air ducts. Commercial duct cleaning also carries a higher cost than residential duct cleaning, as commercial spaces use more specialized equipment and have heavier airborne particles. The cost also depends on the number of forced air components in a commercial space, as well as the square footage and the special sanitization methods used.

The layout of your home will determine how difficult it is to access the air ducts, which can drive up the cost. Most residences have utility rooms and basements that are accessible to a cleaning contractor, but harder-to-reach areas may require specialized equipment and materials. In addition, a specialist mold removal service may cost up to $2,600, depending on the difficulty of the job.

Inspection methods

When selecting a company to clean your air ducts, you should look at the inspection methods they use. These methods can vary from being very detailed and time consuming to simply using a video camera to look at your air ducts. Nonetheless, it is important to choose a company that you feel confident in and that has experience in this area.

Professional air duct cleaners will use a variety of tools to clean your air ducts, including small hand tools and heavy machinery. These tools will most likely include at least one inspection tool, such as a periscope, video camera, and mirror. These tools can be used to look for clogs and identify bad odors.

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