How to Choose an Air Duct Cleaning Company

Before choosing a company for duct cleaning, make sure they have a track record. Some reputable air duct cleaning companies have insurance. Check to see if they carry insurance and ask for a copy of it. If they do not, this could be a sign of subpar work or scams. Make sure to request a quote for the entire project before hiring a company. It is important to check the reputation and price of an air duct cleaning company before hiring them. airduct cleaning company

You should always ask for references. A reputable air duct cleaning company will be happy to provide these references. It is also helpful to visit their website and read customer reviews. You can gauge the quality of the service a company provides by reading online reviews. You should also ask specific questions about their technician. It is also important to understand the terms and conditions of the service, especially the payment terms. Also, make sure you understand what the company will do with the dirt after they finish the job and how they will protect your home while they are doing it.

Another thing to look for in an air duct cleaning company is the certifications they have. Look for an air duct cleaning company that is a member of the NADCA. This certification ensures you that the company you hire is committed to providing the highest quality of service. Make sure the company uses chemicals that are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. You don’t want to end up with a duct cleaning company that is not fully insured.

If you have concerns about mold, don’t hesitate to ask for a second opinion from a third-party testing agency. If the company claims that the ducts do not contain any mold, you should look elsewhere. Mold is particularly harmful to the environment, so you should always get a second opinion. Whether the company has a license to do business is up to you, but there are many ways to check the quality of their work.

A typical air duct cleaning service costs anywhere from $300 to $500. This includes cleaning a typical HVAC system with 12 vents. A typical cleaning will take two to three hours. By charging the same rate for both services, a fully booked air duct cleaning business can make between $130 and $550 a week. Even after paying for materials and labor, the cost per duct cleaning job can still be a decent profit after expenses are deducted.

When hiring an air duct cleaning company, ask if they use chemical biocides to kill mold and fungi. Some companies use these chemicals to encapsulate ducts and seal air leaks. While these methods work for some situations, they are not recommended for all homes. They should only be used as a last resort after thorough system cleaning. The use of chemical biocides should be done in conjunction with professional mold remediation.

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