How to Choose an Air Duct Cleaning Company

If you are in the market for air duct cleaning services, you have many options. The best approach is to contact three air duct cleaning companies and compare their quotes and services. Choose a company that offers comparable pricing for their services, but be careful about the price quote from a company that gives you an inflated price. A company that charges you more than you would expect for air duct cleaning services is probably not as good as it claims to be. Carpet Cleaning

Professional duct cleaning services begin with an inspection, which can include a video camera. Once a technician has evaluated the duct system, they attach a large vacuum device. They seal off each room’s registers and turn on the vacuum to create negative pressure. The technicians then clean the ducts by covering and uncovering each register. The video camera will help you see if any of the ducts have been cleaned thoroughly.

Stanley Steemer is a reputable name in the carpet cleaning business. Stanley Steemer offers air duct cleaning as well. The company has more than 280 locations across the US and Canada and uses proprietary equipment and trained technicians. The company’s online system allows you to schedule an appointment, and its technicians receive ongoing training and education. The Stanley Steemer company offers a free inspection to help you determine if your air ducts need cleaning.

The cost of an air duct cleaning service depends on several factors, including the size of your air ducts, the level of contamination, the number of employees needed to clean the ducts, and the difficulty of accessing the contaminated areas. The price varies from $250 to $700, and other factors can also impact the price. However, an average price range of $400 is recommended for most homes. A well-trained air duct cleaning company should offer a free inspection and quote for your entire project.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) is an organization of HVAC companies and certification is required by the association. Members of NADCA are required to be certified by the EPA and meet strict requirements. Consumers can trust the air duct cleaning company that is certified by NADCA. However, a company that does not carry the certification can’t be trusted. In the end, choosing a good air duct cleaning company will depend on your research.

If you have seen mold or insect droppings in your duct system, hiring an air duct cleaning company is important. If the ducts are dirty, the spores may cause a respiratory illness. If you are concerned about the safety of your family, it is best to hire an air duct cleaning company. However, if you have seen droppings in your ducts, it is better to call an exterminator than to hire an air duct cleaning company.

During the initial inspection, an HVAC cleaning company may notice mold, but it’s best to seek a second opinion from a qualified testing agency. A moldy duct cleaning company will have to remove and replace the infected insulation. Cleaning alone will not eliminate the problem, which is why it is essential to get your ducts professionally cleaned by a company that specializes in mold remediation. You’ll be pleased with the results and save money in the long run.

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