How to Choose a Carpet Cleaning Service Near Me

When choosing a carpet cleaning service near you, customer service is a crucial element. While many companies claim to offer excellent customer service, not all of them are able to keep clients happy. Professional customer service means a representative is available to answer questions patiently and promptly. It also means that the cleaners will arrive on time, as scheduled. They should call to let you know about their schedule 30 minutes before they arrive. Customers should also make sure that pets are contained during the cleaning process. carpet cleaning near me

When choosing a carpet cleaning company, consider what type of service they offer. Steam cleaning, or bonnet cleaning, provides the deepest cleaning of your carpet. If your carpet is short looped, you may want to opt for bonnet cleaning. This type of cleaning is better for heavy-traffic areas like office buildings and homes with pets. The method is also gentle enough not to damage delicate materials. If you’re unsure of which method will be best for your carpeting, check out this article.

Regardless of the method of cleaning, it’s important to consider the cost of the service. Most professional carpet cleaning services offer free moving services for larger rooms, but it’s also possible to find a cheaper option. If the cleaning company charges extra for moving furniture, be sure to ask if this is included in the price. Depending on the type of carpeting, this service could cost more than you originally paid. However, it’s worth it for the savings you’ll get.

Another benefit of hiring a carpet cleaning service near you is the quality of work they provide. Experts in the field are well-equipped to handle all kinds of stains and will leave your carpet looking great. These companies also use eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure that their carpets stay cleaner longer. So, don’t delay if it’s time to get your carpets cleaned. Contact a reputable company today to schedule an appointment.

A quality carpet cleaning service will not only remove stains, but will also remove odors. You’ll also appreciate the fact that most of these services use child and pet-friendly cleaning solutions. And while a lot of cleaning companies are equipped with eco-friendly solutions, a few of them are certified to be kid and pet-friendly, as well. The best carpet cleaning service should be able to clean your home’s rugs, including area rugs.

Some companies specialize in car upholstery cleaning, too. Stanley Steemer, a professional carpet cleaner for 75 years, is a recognizable name in the industry. The company uses EPA-approved products and equipment to remove up to 94 percent of household allergens. Their cleaning solution is a green option, as it does not contain any harsh chemicals and is safe for children and pets. A healthy home means a happier family!

Another popular carpet cleaning company is Oxi Fresh. Their technicians use counter-rotating brushes to clean carpets. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, they pre-spray heavily soiled areas before using the Oxi Cleaning solution. And because they use less water than other companies, Oxi Fresh has a shorter drying time, too. This company claims to restore your carpet in as little as one hour. That’s quite impressive!

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