How Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Help With Allergies?

Many people suffer from allergies, and one way to make sure that they do not become worse is to have your carpet cleaned regularly. This service eliminates the microscopic bugs, such as dust mites, that cause the allergies that affect so many people. These bugs are microscopic, measuring one-third of a millimeter with eight legs. They live for two to four months and lay up to 100 eggs in their lifetime.

Reduces dust mites

The reduction of dust mites when carpet cleaning for allergies starts with eliminating the sources of moisture. Dust mites live in bedding, curtains and carpets. Dry cleaning can be an effective way to get rid of these allergens, but carpets require more treatment. DeMite Laundry Additive is a special detergent for allergy patients that kills dust mites in any wash mode and water temperature. It is also available in a spray or powder form.

In one study, 474 children with allergy symptoms were exposed to different types of household dust mite allergens. Allergic reactions were more common in children’s bedrooms than in adults. The amount of allergens present in both the bedroom and living room floor was similar, but house dust mites were more concentrated in older carpets and in homes during autumn. The study concluded that the combination of dry steam cleaning and vacuuming reduced dust mite allergen levels in the home.

Reduces cat dander

To eliminate pet dander, consider replacing your carpet with wood floors or installing a room air cleaner. Carpets tend to trap pet dander and are hard to clean properly, so consider installing a hardwood floor in your bedroom. If your carpet is not yet wood, consider replacing the furnace filter with a HEPA filter. Closing air registers will help keep the dander at bay, too.

If you notice excessive amounts of cat dander on your carpet, consider visiting your vet. Fel d 1 is a protein found in cat skin, saliva, and urine. Female cats have less Fel d 1 than male cats, so you can easily find a breed with low dander and allergy-friendly features. Low-shedding cats include Balinese and Russian Blue cats. These are good options for people with severe allergies.

Reduces cat dander by 95%

It is estimated that almost half of all people who suffer from cat allergies have never owned a cat before. They develop these allergies over time, but you can prevent the symptoms of allergic reactions by neutering your cat. Neutering your cat will significantly reduce the amount of Fel D1 protein it produces, but it will take twenty to thirty days for this allergen to dissipate completely from your home. Cat dander remains airborne for at least three hours, so it is possible for it to enter peripheral lungs.

Cat dander contains tiny particles of dead skin that can cause allergic reactions in humans. It is made up of a protein called Fel D1, which is produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin. This protein is then transported to other surfaces by way of the cat’s saliva and fur. Because of this, cat dander is a major cause of pet allergy symptoms in humans. Cats’ dander can be extremely irritating, causing itchy, runny nose, watery eyes, and sinus pressure.

Reduces pet dander by 95%

If you have a pet, you should consider the importance of regular cleaning. Regular cleaning is important to keep pet dander to a minimum. You should wash your pet’s bedding in hot water weekly to make sure that you are ensuring a hypoallergenic bedroom. Carpets and furniture should be cleaned regularly as well, and you should use all-natural cleaning products wherever possible. Avoid using stuffed animals, which are notorious for storing pet dander.

If you’re concerned about pet dander, you should first consult your allergist to determine whether your allergy is caused by the dander from your pet. This type of allergen is extremely irritating to humans and can cause symptoms throughout the entire year. Luckily, there are now products on the market that can help you prevent allergic reactions. These products work by killing 95% of the allergens and also kill 6% of the dust mites on them.

Reduces mold

Professional carpet cleaning services will help you fight mold allergies by removing allergens from the fibres of your carpet. Carpet cleaning does not remove all allergens. But it will reduce the number of spores. Carpet cleaning companies use specialized equipment that can get rid of mold, leaving your home cleaner than ever. It will also improve the air quality of your home. And since you may already have a mold problem, professional carpet cleaning services can help you battle the condition of your carpet and make it more allergy friendly.

If you have mold in your carpet, your first line of defense is to prevent it from growing in the first place. To do this, you should avoid conditions that promote mold growth. One way to do this is to use a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier will reduce the indoor humidity level and rob mold spores of water. A healthy indoor humidity range is thirty to sixty percent.

Reduces mold spores

One way to combat the issue of increased mold spores in a home is by performing an indoor air quality test. If you do not have any symptoms, it is likely that the mold problem in your home is not related to the carpets you clean, but it is possible that there is a higher amount of mold in your home. Performing an indoor air quality test can help you determine the source of the problem, which may be a leaky pipe. Carpet cleaning is a good idea, however, as carpets can also cause the problem.

Mold spores are airborne and are particularly problematic when they are in the growing stage. Once a carpet is saturated, mold can begin growing within 48 to 72 hours. Mold and mildew are living organisms that grow best when they are damp and poorly ventilated. Since they spread rapidly, it is vital that you clean your carpet as soon as you see a musty odor.

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