How Does Oxy Fresh Carpet Cleaning Work?

how does oxi fresh carpet cleaning work

Oxy Fresh claims to saturate carpets. While this is technically true, the Oxy Fresh method will dry much faster than other carpet cleaning methods. The high-end truck-mount suction system ensures that no part of the backing will become wet. This makes it possible to remove the staining much faster than other methods. However, most people would rather have a freshly cleaned carpet. So how does Oxy Fresh work?

encapsulation method

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning utilizes a method called encapsulation. The process uses an oxygen-based solution that breaks down dirt and debris into microscopic crystals. Because this method uses less water than other methods, the carpets are dry within an hour. This leaves them dry and protected for the next cleaning step. And, the cleaning solution is environmentally friendly. That means no more worries about harmful chemicals or residual smells.

Encapsulation has the advantage of requiring less equipment and less training than carpet extraction. Most cleaning professionals have low-speed machines already. Encapsulation does not disturb other building users and is cost-effective. Because it does not remove dirt and soil, it stretches the frequency of carpet extractions, which is beneficial to businesses and homeowners alike. Another major advantage of encapsulation is the increased re-usability of the clean.


There are many ways to finance your business, and Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is no different. You can use the franchise financing options to finance the cost of buying an Oxi Fresh franchise. Oxi Fresh offers financing options for carpet cleaning businesses, including a low down payment, no money down, and flexible terms. In fact, they offer free quotes for franchises as well. Franchise financing is available for both new and established businesses.

Oxi Fresh started as a carpet cleaning company in Lakewood, California, but has since expanded to a chain of 225 locations across the country. They use all natural cleaning solutions and carry the EPA Design for the Environment label on their cleaning products, meaning they’re safe for human consumption. Oxi Fresh has received several accolades and recognitions for their eco-friendly practices. To find out more about Oxi Fresh’s service, visit their website.

Encapsulation method vs. dry dirty carpet

The differences between encapsulation and dry dirty carpet cleaning are most apparent in the encapsulation method. The former relies on chemical solutions that crystallize onto soils that are deep within carpet piles. The latter leaves behind small, brittle crystals that can be vacuumed away immediately. In addition, low-moisture encapsulation reduces the need for hot water extraction.

The main difference between encapsulation and dry dirty carpet cleaning is the level of heat needed to destroy pathogenic microorganisms. The CDC recommends 165 F for killing pathogens, but this method does not provide the high heat needed to kill these organisms. The low-pH rinse prepares the fibres for bonding with the protector. Both methods are effective, but hot water extraction is best for deep cleaning, particularly for significant spills.

Environmentally friendly

If you want to save money on carpet cleaning and protect the environment, you may want to look into Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning. They use low-moisture cleaning systems that require as little as 200 gallons of water per home. In comparison, other systems use as much as 4,000 gallons of water. Oxi Fresh is the most water-efficient carpet cleaning method available and uses 95% less water than conventional carpet cleaners. Because their system uses less water than conventional methods, they are also very environmentally friendly and do not leave behind sticky residue. They dry quickly, too, with a one-hour dry time.

Oxi Fresh uses green cleaning solutions that maximize the cleaning power of your carpet. Oxi Fresh uses a safe cleaning solution and is certified Safer Choice by the Environmental Protection Agency. This green cleaning method also employs different cleaning equipment than traditional carpet cleaners. Their machines don’t use truck-mounted steam cleaning systems and require only normal wall outlets. They also create less air pollution and noise pollution, which benefit their customers.

Franchise requirements

If you are looking to start a carpet cleaning business, Oxi Fresh is a franchise you should seriously consider. They have more than 300 franchise locations across the United States and Canada and are expanding rapidly in more states. These franchises offer innovative marketing programs and advanced support systems. The franchise allows you to focus on growing your business and developing your team, which makes the process easy. Read on to learn more about the requirements for opening a franchise.

There are several requirements you should know about when opening an Oxi Fresh franchise. You need to ensure you meet the legal requirements set by the franchisor. These include establishing a business name and selecting a location. Franchisees must not operate any other type of business at the same location. Franchisees must obtain the franchisor’s consent before establishing any other businesses. Franchisees cannot operate other businesses while they are running Oxi Fresh.

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