How Does Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning Work?

how does chem dry carpet cleaning work

When you hire a Chem-Dry technician to clean your carpet, they’ll focus on the cleaning of the carpet itself. For best results, park their trucks close to the door of your home so they can easily enter and exit your home. They’ll also need a clear path so that they can get inside and out of the home without hindering traffic. Here are a few tips to help make this process as simple as possible:

Hot carbonating extraction

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning is a green, eco-friendly method of carpet cleaning that uses hot carbonation and ingredients that mimic Mother Nature. The natural process requires less water than steam cleaning, but it is just as effective. It works hard to remove stains that a steam cleaning would have missed, and it doesn’t leave soapy residue. Instead, it uses millions of microscopic bubbles to lift soil and dirt from the fibers.

Requires access from the front door

The technician will need access to your front door so he or she can enter the room. He or she will also need to access your home’s front door to bring the equipment he needs to clean the room. Having access from the front door will make the process easier and reduce the likelihood of sticking to the walls and furniture. If possible, move the furniture to another room to clear a path for the technician.

Reduces surface non-living allergen matter

Compared to other carpet cleaning methods, Chem-Dry reduces non-living allergen matter on the surface of your carpets by 98.1%. The Chem-Dry Hot Carbonating Extraction process is environmentally-friendly, uses 80 percent less water, and leaves your carpets dry in just two hours. The process reduces the risk of mold growth, too. In a recent study, Chem-Dry reported that its cleaning process removed 98.1% of non-living allergen matter from carpets.

Requires rotary machines

Chem-dry carpet cleaning involves a rotary machine that aggressively spins residential carpet. This method removes tough stains and odors. Unlike steam cleaning, dry chemical cleaning uses a smaller amount of water and fewer chemicals. These benefits make dry chemical cleaning a safer and healthier alternative to steam cleaning. However, the process requires that a rotary machine be used for the best results.

Reduces mildew and mold

Steam cleaning uses large amounts of water, which soaks into the carpet backing and creates a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Low-moisture Chem-Dry processes remove dirt and grime by removing only a fifth of the water used by steam cleaning. The carpet dries quickly, leaving no soapy residue behind. With Chem dry, you can feel good knowing your carpet is safe for your kids and pets.

Is safer

A Chem-Dry service uses a special, patented cleaner called The Natural. The Natural is free of detergents, phosphates, and soaps. It is safe for children and adults alike. Its patented method of carbonation helps release dirt and prevent mold growth, while minimizing the amount of water needed to clean the carpet. Because it uses less water than steam cleaning, Chem-Dry is a more environmentally-friendly choice.

Is more convenient

A high quality Chem-Dry carpet cleaning service will use 80% less water than a steam-cleaning service. The Chem-Dry method is more environmentally friendly than steam cleaning and has many benefits. The low-moisture process will prevent mold and mildew growth. Plus, it will leave no soapy residue behind. With these benefits, you’ll want to use Chem-Dry for your carpet cleaning needs.

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