Hoarding can occur to anyone and it can go unnoticed for several years before it really becomes an evident issue. Some individuals feel embarrassed or even ashamed to admit that they have succumbed to this way of living. However, even the most organized of people in the world lay claim to owning a junk drawer. It is a matter of not allowing things to take control over you and allowing yourself to maintain control over things. We are here to help you! We understand that hoarding is not a chosen lifestyle; it is the consequence of personal events that have happened to a loved one or even you personally.

Hoarder House Cleaning

We know your home and your loved ones are important to you and at Wiz Team, Inc. we respect that greatly – our efforts in cleaning up are meant to be seamless as possible. We work efficiently and precisely to discard all of the excess items in the home. Once the home is clear of excess debris we get down to business; striving to clean all the open surfaces, this means appliances, counters, fabrics, tiles, woods, and any other materials that may have been compromised during the prolonged exposure to the excess acquisition of personal items. The end goal is that our client is happy and able to return to a healthy, clean, and hospitable home environment.

Our technicians are IICRC technicians trained at assessing the condition of the home and getting to the root of the cleaning that must happen to achieve ‘like new’ results. We tackle the problem fast so that the homeowner experiences the least amount of stress and trauma from their home being refreshed. Wiz Team, Inc only uses products CDC and EPA tested and approved as 99.99% biodegradable and pet and child safe. Furthermore, we follow OSHA and NSC terms and regulations when performing on all job sites.

Hoarding Cleanup Strategy by Wiz Team

Albeit there is seldom a one-size for all resolve in hoarding clean-up; we tailor a custom plan and step-by-step process for each and every client individually. Once we conduct a free in-home estimate, one of our specialists will carefully investigate how Wiz Team, Inc. can provide the most encompassing service for each client.

Our strategy will be based on the amount of accumulation, degree of sanitary health hazards, and always considering all external factors which play a role in an individual clients’ case. These matters are discussed during the in-home consultation, then based upon our findings we custom fit a tactical strategy to provide the most outstanding service experience. We understand that the first step – reaching out for outside help – is the most difficult; we highly commend your effort in taking this first step. Now let us help you reach a goal of no more clutter and allow us be your guiding hand in returning to a beautiful, clean, and most importantly healthy home once again.

Illinois-based The Wiz Team’s hoarding help services use the following, self-developed, 7 step solution for cleaning help for hoarders:

  • Uncluttering and De-cluttering services are the first and most important steps in hoarding help. This is where the cleaner connects with and provides the most help for the hoarder. It also helps narrow down the items that will remain in the home.

  • Rubbish removal & Junk Removal hoarding help services help hoarders part with things that they used to keep very close to their hearts. This is not a simple cleaning task, as it takes trained cleaners to persuade hoarders that part of hoarding help is removing truly useless materials.

  • The Wiz Team’s Initial home organization cleaning services provide help to hoarders, as they really bring to light the quality of the home beneath the clutter. Once de-cluttered, and freed of trash, hoarders may begin to see other problems in their homes that were previously covered up.

  • Extermination treatment is a service provided as part of hoarding help, because hoarders often find pests such as fruit flies or even bed bugs, during cleaning.

  • Paint, repair, handyman services are also offered to clients who receive hoarding help, as they may want to perfect their homes once cleanup is complete.

  • Restoration and construction services are also available to hoarding help clients who find that their homes are no longer in the conditions they were in during move-in.

  • Heavy-duty cleaning services are the final step of The Wiz Team’s one-stop shop offer for hoarding help in and around Illinois. This can include post-construction cleanup, all-natural maid services, and professional organization.

Professional Cleaners for Hoarders

Hoarding house cleaning services are available to Illinois hoarders through Wiz Team, an organization that has been in the cleaning services industry for over two decades. Wiz Teams Hoarding Cleanup provides help for hoarders through a comprehensive, judgment-free approach that unclutters homes and leaves hoarders feeling confident. If you are a hoarder seeking help or know of a hoarder who is seeking help, make the right choice by contacting The Wiz Team for the best hoarding help.

All hoarding help services work with hoarders to understand their needs and attachments. Though The Wiz Team aims to provide clutter removal cleaning services, The Wiz Team’s cleaners will not provide hoarding help by throwing away anything without hoarders’ permission.

It is vital to The Wiz Team that all hoarding help services are handled in a professional manner, and that help for hoarders includes a complete listing of options for what can be done with unused, unneeded clutter. Some examples of options presented to hoarding clients are: donating to charity, selling hoarded items online for profit, gifting items, and more.

The Wiz Team is a full-service cleaning and restoration service. We service Lake Forest, Highland Park, Glencoe, Winnetka, Wilmette Glenview, Northbrook, Deerfield, Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights, Palatine, Lake Zurich, Barrington, Mundelein, and more. Contact us today for your cleaning and restoration needs.

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