Five Ways Pet Odor in Carpet and Furniture Affects Your Health – Carol Stream, IL

Pets are lovable, adorable, funny and—unfortunately—smelly! Have you noticed pet odor in your carpeting or on your furniture? It’s one of the hidden “benefits” of owning a pet that you may not have known about. Read on about how pet odor can be affecting your health.

1. Allergens

For many people, pet dander doesn’t have a major effect on their respiratory health, but for those who are allergic or sensitive to pet dander, it can wreak havoc on their ability to breathe. Pet dander doesn’t normally have much of an odor, but if built up and left to sit, it will give off a scent.

2. Dirt

Dogs and outdoor cats may wind up in mud, dirt, leaves, or other outdoor debris and bring it into the house. To say the least, it does not smell pleasant. But you also don’t know exactly what they are bringing into the house, and it may be harmful.

3. Garbage

Another unpleasant thing your dog may bring into the home is garbage. Pets have been known to bring in trash and hide it in a room. Depending on its toxicity, garbage can cause health problems if not found and disposed of.

4. Skunk odor

If your dog or cat has ever been sprayed by a skunk, you know that it is a very unpleasant odor. Skunk odor itself cannot harm you, but if allowed to get into your furniture and carpeting, it may cause you stress trying to get the smell out.

5. Urine

All animals have accidents. Urine left to sit in carpeting, on an area rug, or on furniture can cause toxic fumes.

We love our pets, but they can be smelly at times. The Wiz Team can be your dog’s—or cat’s—best friend. We’ve been performing residential carpet cleaning in the Carol Stream, IL area for years. Our natural carpet cleaning technique is safe for kids and pets.