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If you want to have your carpets cleaned, you should hire a professional cleaning service. Store-bought cleaning products can have an adverse effect on the cleaning process, and a professional cleaning service will use professional-grade cleaners and equipment to ensure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned. In addition, store-bought cleaning solutions may be too weak or too strong to remove a stain effectively, or they may spread it or embed it further into the carpet fibers. oriental rug cleaning company

VB Carpet Cleaners

VB Carpet Cleaners is a Virginia Beach, Virginia based company that specializes in steam cleaning, area rug, upholstery, air duct, and dryer vent cleaning. If you are looking for a Virginia Beach carpet cleaner, VB Carpet Cleaners is one of the best. The company has been in business for nearly a decade, and their staff is made up of professionals who are well versed in all aspects of carpet cleaning. They are also devoted to customer satisfaction and will do their best to provide you with a quality experience that you will be happy with.

The company specializes in carpet cleaning and provides free estimates. They also have a list of agents and buyers who buy their products.

VB Chem-Dry

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning is an effective way to eliminate pet odors and stains from your carpets. This process is different from steam cleaning because it doesn’t use gallons of water. Instead, it uses carbonation to lift dirt. This method is also safer for children and pets.


When you are in need of carpet cleaning in a pinch, you should consider renting a BISSELL rental carpet cleaner. These rental machines are very easy to use and provide professional results at an affordable price. You can find BISSELL rentals in stores around your area. They are great for cleaning up upholstered furniture and carpeted stairs.

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