Event-Works and Wiz Team to Manage the Olympic Games

Wiz Team is a world-class event management software provider with subsidiaries in Belgium and Ukraine. It offers software, consulting and delivery services to empower seventy event managers. Its customers are in the sport and corporate industries. Its solutions are also used by NGOs and IGOs. Its innovative solutions make event management easy and affordable. airduct cleaning near me


Event-Works and Wiz Team are two companies that offer web-based, event management solutions. Their core product is Event-Works, a modular, user-driven software platform that aims to streamline and optimize the planning and delivery of events. The companies have helped deliver major sporting events and large gatherings in the commercial, governmental and non-governmental sectors. The companies are expanding rapidly to meet the demand for their services and products.

Event-Works and Wiz Team are a world-class event management solution. Both companies offer a full range of customizable tools, helping event professionals streamline their day-to-day operations. WizTeam provides online event registration, event mobile applications, accreditation management, accommodation management, volunteer management, booth management, and more.

Wiz Security Graph

Wiz Security Graph is a risk management tool that provides a holistic view of a cloud environment. The tool correlates various risks, including network vulnerabilities, identity risks, and exposed secrets, and allows security teams to act at scale across clouds to harden environments. The product supports several cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and Kubernetes.

Wiz can scan the layers of cloud environments, including virtual machines, containers, and serverless environments. It can connect to cloud providers through an API, allowing it to scan every layer of cloud infrastructure.

Event-Works mobile apps

Wiz Team Event-Works mobile apps are designed to help you organize events and manage event data. These apps help with online event registration, event mobile apps, and access control. Additionally, they help manage booths, activities, volunteer management, and accreditation management. The team’s expertise in event data makes them a valuable resource for event organizers and managers.

Event-Works consultancy

The Event-Works consultancy for Wiz Team will provide the software platform to manage all aspects of Olympic family registration, accommodation, tickets, and access to the Olympic Club. The company’s expertise stems from more than 12 years of experience turning innovative ideas into reality. They have a worldwide network of partners and developers who have experience delivering events of all types and sizes.

They specialise in interactive production and event technology. Their clients include a number of FTSE 100 companies. The event technology specialists will be given full responsibility for the technical implementation of the interactive technology solutions. This will provide them with client responsibility and help develop their skills.

Event-Works cloud platform

Wiz-Team, a Swiss data management and event consultancy, will be able to handle the registration and management of Olympic family membership, accommodation, and event tickets. It will also provide support for volunteer management, booth management, and accreditation management. The team has more than 12 years of experience in delivering events, designing solutions, and managing development projects.

The cloud platform will be able to identify specific components of a company’s cloud environment that may be running vulnerable software. This will enable companies to respond quickly to security incidents. BigID and Wiz have partnered to develop a joint solution for this purpose. The integration between the two companies will allow organizations to prioritize their risk management efforts in the cloud. The solution combines granularity with deep data insight.

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