The Wiz Team’s clutter clean up removal services are conducted by experienced Fox River Grove professionals. Fox River Grove clutter removal experts arrive at hoarders’ homes in an unmarked vehicle. They work hand in hand with hoarders prior to beginning work, in order to ensure that hoarders are content with all clutter removal ahead of time. Our professionals ensure that hoarders keep as many items as possible, or are content with other solutions, including:

1) Selling items

2) Donating items

3) Storing items in a storage facility

Clutter clean up and hoarder clean up are conducted through the following 7 methods and solutions:

1) Goal discussion with client

2) Rubbish removal and clutter cleanup

3) Professional organization services, including, but not limited to:

  1. Building shelves
  2. Storage units
  3. Boxing for storage facility transport

4) Heavy duty cleaning services

5) Extermination services

6) Necessary construction services, including:

  1. Restoration
  2. Painting
  3. Molding

7) Routine maintenance through chore and cleaning services

Wiz Clean is accustomed to servicing hoarders in Fox River Grove who are suffering inside unlivable homes. NYC is a busy location that often results in individuals having an abundance of responsibilities and lacking the time to clean up their homes. Hoarders in particular thrive in such environments, as they create collections and hide them from the public. In order to prevent suffering from trash, pests, mold, abundance of pets, and, bed bugs, in cluttered spaces, NYC hoarders must urgently take clutter removal action.

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