Cleaning up your oriental rug with a new perspective


Introduction: Do you love your oriental rug, but it’s looking a little bit dirty? You can go ahead and start to clean it up, but you might want to take a fresh look at what you’re doing. Maybe you forgot to add the dyes or maybe there are some areas that need more attention. Regardless, if you want your oriental rug to look its best, it’s important to take a fresh perspective and get started on the cleaning. Carpet Cleaning company

How to Clean Oriental rugs.

  1. Remove all dirt, dust, and other debris from the rug with a wire brush or vacuum cleaner.
  2. Rinse the rug completely with warm water and soap.
  3. Dry the rug with a clean, dry towel.

How to Enjoy Oriental Rugs.

One of the most important things you can do when caring for an Oriental rug is to always clean it. This means removing all the dirt, dust, and anything else that may have been on the rug during its previous use.

To ensure a sparkling cleanliness, use a soft cloth or duster to lightly Sweep and Duster the Rug. Be sure to move all debris and stains off of the surface of the rug by using a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner on high speed for about 5 minutes – this will help remove any built-up oils and sweat from the fabric.

Drying the Rug

After sweeping and dusting, it’s time to dry the rug completely. Use an air-drying machine or a large fan to dry the rug quickly at room temperature (not in direct sunlight). Make sure not to over dry or damage the fabric – leave it slightly damp so that it can be dried properly later on.

Painting the Rug

Now that the rug has been cleaned and dried, it’s time for painting! Paint any areas that need attention with a light color like green or blue – these will help brighten up any areas that may be dark due to their previous use. Remember also to keep in mind how much paint you’ll need to cover each area – try not to exceed 12 ounces per square foot (or 3 tablespoons per sq inch).

Referencing Oriental Rugs

If you want your Oriental rug to look both new and antique, be sure to reference some of its traditional designs and symbols in your painting while stilluding within traditional oil-based methods like watercolors or gouaches (a type of drawing). For example, if your oriental rug features intricate carvings made up of tiny stars, you could reference these stars in your painting by using black ink mixed with white shoe polish as a highlights layer; or by using bright red & yellow pencils as shading within different parts of star patterns etc.).

Tips for Enjoying Oriental Rugs.

The first step in keeping your Oriental rug looking its best is to clean it every time you clean it. It makes sense to do this especially if the rug has been in use for a while and may have some dirt or dust on it. This will also help to protect the rug from getting dirt and dust on it, which can ruin its appearance.

Protect the Rug from Dirt and Dust

Another key factor to consider when cleaning your oriental rug is protecting it from dirt and dust. This can be done by covering the rug with a piece of newspaper or plastic wrap, putting a dishrag over the top, or even using a vacuum cleaner with filters to keep the air Cleaning products like bleach can also help remove any built-up dirt and dust on oriental rugs. When cleaning, make sure not to overload the rug with many colors as this can cause them to clash and look unattractive.

Store the Rug Out of the Sun

If you want your oriental rug to look its best, don’t forget about storage! Covering therug with a piece of paper or plastic wrap will keep it cool during summer days, while leaving space for ventilation in winter times. And making sure that there’s enough light inside without blasting sunlight out will help keep your rug looking fresh all year round!


Oriental rugs are a valuable piece of furniture that can be enjoyed by both the owner and guests. The following tips can help you clean and enjoy your rug, whether you’re cleaning it every time you move it or painting it.

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