Cleaning Tips For Oriental Rugs

If your oriental rug has become stained or is discolored, you should consider getting it cleaned professionally. Unlike regular rugs, oriental rugs require special care and attention. Because they are made of natural materials, they are susceptible to specific cleaning chemicals, heat levels, and drying requirements. It is therefore important to protect your rug from spills, pet urine, and more. While rugs may look pristine, these rugs should never be touched or rubbed as this can cause more damage and spread stains. rug cleaners

A few things you can do to prevent damage to your oriental rug include using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner and soaking up water with a towel. Then, vacuum the rug to remove dirt and other particles. However, you should be careful about frequent vacuuming as it can loosen fibers. You should vacuum your rug at least once every two weeks. Do not use enzyme cleaners as they may cause bleeding. They also are unlikely to remove pet urine odor. Pet urine crystals are embedded deep into the fibers of an Oriental rug. The best way to remove this odor is to clean the fibers.

A regular cleaning schedule will help maintain the appearance of your oriental rug and keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Regular vacuuming and shakes will help keep it looking newer longer. Alternatively, you can use an acid-based cleaner if necessary. The best way to keep your oriental rug clean and in good condition is to schedule regular professional cleanings. However, if you do not have time to do this, you can try cleaning your rug yourself.

To clean your oriental rug yourself, you should avoid stains and spills. Often, they can be difficult to remove and will only leave behind a residue. In addition, excessive vacuuming can also damage the delicate fibres. While baking soda can remove some stains, it is not recommended for delicate rugs. It is also recommended to avoid exposure to direct sunlight as this can fade the colors. It is also important to keep your rug away from shoes, as they can bring in dirt, which can cause serious stains and discoloration.

One of the best ways to keep your oriental rug clean is to visit an Oriental Rug Salon. They offer professional cleaning services in areas around the country. In Upstate New York, Jafri Oriental Rugs provides rug cleaning and restoration services for customers. It also provides storage services and repair. Regardless of whether your rug is made of wool, silk, or viscose, they are here to help. These rug cleaning professionals are experts at ensuring that your rug is maintained to its best quality.

Frequent vacuuming is necessary to remove dust and grit. If these substances are allowed to remain, they will wear down the pile under foot traffic. Also, avoid using a vacuum cleaner with long bristles. You need a soft-bristled vacuum with suction only. This will prevent the bristles from damaging your rug. A good carpet can handle spills and stains, but it is still important to rotate it every two years. This will ensure the rug receives equal foot traffic.

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