Choosing Oriental Rug Cleaners

It is crucial to choose the right Oriental rug cleaner when you’re dealing with a stained rug. The wrong cleaning solution can cause the rug to fade or even bleed. You should also avoid using enzyme cleaners because these chemicals will not get rid of pet odors. Pet urine crystals are deeply buried in Oriental rugs and can’t be removed through surface cleaning alone. Instead, you need a cleaning solution that penetrates the fibers to eliminate pet odors. oriental rug cleaners

There are some cases when you may need to dry clean your Oriental rug. It may contain details and colors that are difficult to clean. This type of cleaning will require a professional. This process is also called solid cleaning or dry soil removal. Dry cleaning is a good option for lightly-soiled rugs but is not recommended for rugs with deep-seated messes.

When you’re choosing an oriental rug cleaner, make sure to choose one with a wealth of experience. Many Oriental rugs are delicate and require the care and expertise of an experienced rug cleaner. In addition to cleaning, these rug cleaners also offer post-cleaning services that include brushing the rugs and removing any remaining stains.

Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning are also important for your oriental rugs. Usually, you should vacuum them twice a week if possible. This will prevent excessive wear and tear and also prevent permanent stains from occurring. The rugs can last a long time with proper care. By choosing an oriental rug cleaner, you can be sure that your rugs will be clean and in excellent condition for many years to come.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, there are several oriental rug cleaners who have served the area for decades. Their service areas include the Larkspur, Mill Valley, Berkeley, and Oakland areas. They offer services for all types of rugs, including those with flat weaves, including Persian and Oriental rugs.

Besides cleaning, you should keep your rugs safe from pets. Your pet’s urine, vomit, and other contaminants can cause a mess on your oriental rug. It is best to keep the area rug out of reach from pets and to treat spills as soon as possible. Ensure that you choose a rug pad under your rug, so that the moisture that causes a stain doesn’t soak into the fiber roots.

Oriental rugs can easily lose their color if improper cleaning procedures are used. Over-wetting, improper cleaning methods, and exposure to sunlight can damage the rug. A professional oriental rug cleaner will use industrially tested cleaning materials that will not harm your rugs. They also know how to stabilize colors before cleaning them.

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