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Carpet Cleaning Northbrook, IL: Residential services: Wiz Team, Inc., provides Northbrook, Il with professional carpet cleaning services. We can address the problem areas that you don’t have time to, specializing in carpet, upholstery, hardwood floors, tile cleaning and sealing, walls, and bathrooms. Let us clean your carpets or power wash your kitchen floors to render your space pristine. It is important to ensure that your living quarters are as clean as possible. The Wiz Team can ensure that residents in Northbrook, Il have clean carpets year round.

Industrial and commercial services: For heavy-duty industrial cleaning services, Northbrook, Il, business owners turn to us. Our carpet cleaning and commercial cleaning services will render your space pristine. No job is too big or detailed for us, whether you need services for a retail store, restaurant, vacant or for-sale property, office, church or religious center.

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Cleaning & Restoration Specialist

It’s finally summer! This year in Morton Grove we have had warm days and cool nights for sleeping. This is almost the perfect conditions for an awesome summer. This is the time of the year that all of us break out the sunblock and lather up to protect ourselves from UV rays and of course sun-burn.

“UV Rays” Ultraviolet Rays don’t just affect humans and animals. It also causes “UV Fading”, which is a changing in color with time. When you leave the windows open and the sun shining on that new carpet you just installed, it will cause “UV Fading” according to the Florida Solar Energy Center.

The heat and the sun’s rays will damage your carpet over time. Have you ever moved a chair that has stayed in the same spot for many years and noticed that the carpet is brighter and cleaner in that spot? You can thank UV Rays for the gift of fading. Now you may be thinking that you can stop or slow that process by turning on the air conditioner and keeping the house cool. That won’t reduce the fading effect in the long run.

Here are some quick, simple cost-effective ways to keep your rugs and furniture protected during the intense heat of the summer months.

  1. When you wake up in the morning before you get your day started, close the blinds, drapes or shades. Your house is at its coolest point first thing in the morning. Turn the AC on at this time of the morning also, this will help to maintain the temperature and cost you less money in the end.
  2. Depending on what type of windows you have, use a protective window treatment that will block the UV rays. These types of products range from a clear UV protection film that applies directly to the window to installing a solar shade for each window that will allow partial light through and protect your furniture and carpets.
  3. You can use carpet protectors, like 3M Scotchgard Carpet Upholstery Protector. These two products offer another layer of protection not just from fading, but also from the unwanted spills that happen in life. Scotchgard repels spills, blocks stains and resists soiling. This is a great product if you have little kids in the house that track mud and dirt in.

So what to do if you haven’t done any of these things in your home or office: First you should start with hiring a commerical carpet cleaning service to clean your carpets/rugs. I’m not talking about renting out the Rug Doctor machine at your local hardware store. Hiring a professional cleaner to come in with a truck mounted cleaning system will make a huge difference in the quality of cleaning you get for your rugs. These systems produce more pressure and heat thus giving your rugs a deeper cleaning.

Once you have a commercial carpet cleaning done to all of the carpets in your building, have them apply the Scotchgard to give your home or business an extra layer of protection. Now you are ready to go through the next steps above to properly guard your carpets into the future.

Key Take-a-ways:

  1. Hire a commercial carpet cleaning company to clean all your carpet/rugs annually. This will extend the life of them dramatically.
  2. Don’t forget to “shade”, get window treatments done to reduce the amount of UV light into the building.
  3. Keep it cool! During the summer months try to keep your building cooler. This will help to keep your people happy and reduce the heating/cooling effect each day on your carpets.

The Wiz Team is a full service carpet cleaning and restoration service. We service Lake Forest, Highland Park, Glencoe, Winnetka, Wilmette Glenview, Northbrook, Deerfield, Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights, Palantine, Lake Zurich, Barrington, Mundelein, and more. Contact us today for your cleaning and restoration needs.

Junk Removal Northbrook, IL: Hoarding leads to a significant, and often unsafe, amount of items in your home. It’s a problem that has gained attention recently through the media and those who have shared their own experiences with it.

If you, a loved one, or a tenant needs to arrange a hoarding cleanup, we provide professional and considerate services that help you through this challenging process.

Our hoarding cleanup specialists have experience with a variety of cleanup needs. Hoarding is a unique situation that requires a specialized approach.

Using a skilled removal team makes your cleanup job efficient and effective. Those who exhibit hoarding behaviours accumulate a wide array of items. They find it difficult to throw out even the most trivial item from their homes.

This leads to issues of discomfort and safety, and require a strategic cleanup operation. Building managers are put at risk of liability for safety issues and fire hazards. This makes a hoarding cleanup a valuable preventive measure against future legal issues.

What You Need for a Cleanup

A cleanup requires the recovery and removal of the homeowner’s possessions. Many items can still be useful, while others may have little value. Our team will work through the process of helping you sort out your items in the most efficient way possible.

By creating a strategy for your home’s cleanup, we make sure that your property is livable again. We organize the cleanup into a series of steps that result in a more thorough removal of unnecessary items.

Hoarding creates sanitation issues as well. These should not be addressed without the proper precautions and equipment. Doorways, and hallways that have become blocked by objects are unsafe, and should be handled with care.

We’re skilled at removing junk for the most serious hoarding cases, and provide you with a comprehensive cleanup for the best results. Equipment such as dumpsters and containers ensure a fast cleanup, and save you the time and expenses that you’d normally spend doing it on your own.

More importantly, our experienced junk removal team provides quality customer service and care in the most difficult circumstances. We understand the needs of homeowners in properties that have become unlivable through hoarding, and give you the freedom to live without clutter.

The Wiz Team is a full service carpet cleaning and restoration service. We service Lake Forest, Highland Park, Glencoe, Winnetka, Wilmette Glenview, Northbrook, Deerfield, Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights, Palantine, Lake Zurich, Barrington, Mundelein, and more. Contact us today for your cleaning and restoration needs.

Fire Damage Restoration Northbrook, IL: A home fire can be a very scary experience for any homeowner. If your home experiences a fire, it is important to remain calm and take all of the steps needed to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe. In the aftermath of a fire, fire restoration services can help eliminate any fire damage from your home. A company offering fire restoration in Morton Grove can provide you with all of the services you need to restore your home to its original condition. To help you know what to expect from this type of services, here is a step-by-step guide to fire damage restoration.

Make the Initial Call

After your home experiences a fire, it is essential to contact a fire damage restoration company right away. Your local restoration company will offer 24/7 emergency services, so you will be able to make a service call immediately after the fire. By scheduling fire restoration services immediately, you will be able to mitigate the amount of fire and smoke damage that occurs in your home.

Survey and Remove Smoke Damage

Once your restoration technicians arrive at your home, they will begin by surveying the level of fire damage. After the survey has been completed, the restoration process will begin with smoke damage removal. Since smoke odors can linger long after the fire damage has been restored, it is important to remove smoke damage initially. During this step of the restoration process, your windows may also be boarded to prevent further damage to your home.

Restore to Original Condition

The final phase of fire damage restoration is to restore the home to its original condition. Using state-of-the-art fire cleaning techniques, a team of technicians will be able to remove all traces of the fire. After your fire restoration service has been completed, you will be amazed at the quality and condition of your home. If you experience a fire, do not hesitate to schedule fire damage restoration services right away.

The Wiz Team is a full service carpet cleaning and restoration service. We service Lake Forest, Highland Park, Glencoe, Winnetka, Wilmette Glenview, Northbrook, Deerfield, Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights, Palantine, Lake Zurich, Barrington, Mundelein, and more. Contact us today for your cleaning and restoration needs.

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Cleaning Services

Our certified technicians will determine the proper cleaning method for your specific needs to accomplish a safe cleaning and the best results.

We strive to be your only carpet cleaning choice. Experience the quality of Wiz Team services, and you’ll see why the difference between us and all our competitors is obvious.

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Restoration Specialist

Wiz Team, Inc. is Certified Cleaning & Restoration company, specializing in property damage restoration. We have been critical to innovations but also training our competitors. With our knowledge and experience, supported by the best equipment in the industry you can be assured that you will have your home or business returned to pre-lost condition as fast as possible.

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Emergency Services

We fully understand that water or flood damage to your home or business can be shocking and distressing, we also understand the urgency of taking the necessary steps as soon as possible is key. We have on-call emergency crews with “911″ mentality and we are equipped to handle your emergency 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Time is of essence – Call now!

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