Carpet Cleaning Basics

Carpet cleaning is a process that helps you remove dirt, allergens, and stains from your carpet. Common carpet cleaning methods include vacuuming, hot water extraction, and dry cleaning. You may use one or all of these methods, or a combination of them. Depending on the type of carpet you have, you may need a specific method. oriental rug cleaning company

Foam cleaning is another method of carpet cleaning. Professional cleaners apply foams to the carpet with a brush or machine. You can buy aerosol foams that you can apply to your carpet. Foams can be applied in a thin layer and rubbed in with a damp sponge. The foam dries quickly, so there is no risk of overwetting the carpet. However, foams are not always as effective as other methods, and they may not remove all soil. Some foams can interfere with future attempts to clean the carpet.

Commercial cleaning companies often use a specially designed cylindrical counter-rotating brushing system without a vacuum cleaner. Hand scrubbing is another method that you can use for cleaning your carpet, but you should be aware that this method only cleans the upper third of the carpet. You should use this method only if you have a lot of stains or a dirty carpet.

While the best method for cleaning a carpet is to hire a professional, there are some simple tips you can perform on your own. If you have a kitchen with greasy food, you can use a small amount of liquid dish soap mixed with warm water. After spritzing the area with the cleaning solution, dab the spot with a clean cloth or blot it with a rag. You may need several treatments to remove stubborn stains.

Regular cleaning will keep the carpet clean and hygienic. It will prevent the dust from matting the fibers and wearing out the carpet. If you are in an office building, it is advisable to hire a professional for regular cleaning. Professional cleaners have better water pressure and equipment. You might be tempted to use consumer grade cleaners, but this can leave a dirt trail behind.

In addition to improving the appearance of your carpet, professional carpet cleaning will also improve the air quality of your home. With regular cleaning, you can reduce the risk of mold, mildew, and other problems. Moreover, professional cleaning will increase the life of your carpet by a few years. For this reason, you should always choose a reputable company.

When hiring a carpet cleaning company, you should request a written guarantee from them. This guarantee will vary from company to company. Make sure that the guarantee is binding and does not change if you want to change the service or location. Remember that some stains are difficult to remove and some may even be impossible to remove.